Make All Votes Matter – Molly Scott Cato MEP

Posted on 06. Feb, 2018 by in Featured, Politics & Campaigns

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100 years ago, women won the vote for the first time. But the current First Past the Post System means that many people still don’t feel represented in parliament – not least because this system forces them to consider the question of “who can win” when casting their vote, rather than “who would represent me best”. That is why Molly is fasting today (6th February) to show her support for a fairer voting system based on Proportional Representation. Find out more about Molly’s work in the European Parliament at

See also new videos by Molly in Brussels – in the first Molly defends a fairer VAT system across Europe that works better for SMEs and citizens:

And the second is looking at the Eurozone financial system and Molly argues that it still needs substantial reforms and that we need to ensure that the actions of the ECB are compliant with climate protection objectives:

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