sctv-winner-thingyStroud Community TV Awards 2017

For the best films of 2016

This page was last updated 15th January 2017.

This will be our fifth year of awards. Members of the public have nominated their best films in one or more of the categories below. To qualify the films had to be among the 480 or so local films that have been uploaded to Stroud Community TV during 2016. The films with the most nominations now go to our team of experienced local judges.

We will announce the nominations and results at our Awards Night on Saturday 18th March at Lansdown Hall (doors open 7pm, starts 7.30, free entry). During the Night we will show winning films plus other great local films and have a chance to meet some film makers. Special guests include the media team from Slimbridge WWT and one of the film makers from the extraordinary Flight of the Swans journey across 7000 kilometres (see more here). Our film night will again be part of the hugely successful Stroud Film Festival.

For our Audience Award this year we plan to vote on nominations for the best film on Stroud Community TV over the last 5 years. We will take the highest nominations over the last 5 years and then on the evening the Audience will get a chance to vote on their favorite.

We’d also love to hear from you if you have ideas for our Awards evening – do please contact us! As always huge thanks to local artist Russ, for the cartoons. See previous winners and nominations –  for 2015 here, for 2014 here, 2013 here and for 2012 here.

Local filmmaker Jimmy Edmonds perhaps best sums it up when he writes of a previous Awards evening: “There was no red carpet and no tuxedos, no massed ranks of photographers and no star spotters – neither was there a big name celebrity to clutch a golden statue to her breast before revealing the winner. But what there was, was pure Stroud……The audience fed on…small but intense delicacies with enthusiasm and true appreciation of the ability of film and video to reach the parts that bigger movies might not – a community recorded and represented in its own way, unmediated by any need to make a profit or sell an idea.”

Awards for 2017!

We will announce nominations and winners in March 2017:

winner 2017 Best Music FilmBest Music Film


SCTV-WINNER 2017-Best Local filmBest Local film





winner 2017 Best campaign filmBest Campaign film



winner 2017 Best community event filmBest Community Event film


winner 2017 best local business filmBest Local Business film



winner 2017 best community project awardBest Community project film



winner 2017 best green awardBest ‘Green’ film







winner 2017 audience awardAudience Award: Best film of last 5 years


Full list of Nominations 2017 coming in March

nom-2017-best-musicBest Music Film





Best Local film




nom-best-campaign-filmBest Campaign film




nom-2017-best-community-event-filmBest Community Event film




nom-2017-best-local-business-filmBest Local Business film




nom-2017-community-projectBest Community project film




green-alternativeBest ‘Green’ film