Brimscombe Banker back to shed (virtual)

Posted on 18. Dec, 2014 by in Featured, History

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Tony Wilton writes: Brimscombe Banker lives again ‘virtually’ Part of a Stroud Valleys VR history project. Interesting interaction with the railcar, This type of thing did used to happen, The fireman noticed and the signalman was quick on the levers in this case.

See also the Cheltenham Express:

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2 Responses to “Brimscombe Banker back to shed (virtual)”

  1. Chris Lambert

    13. Apr, 2017

    The Brimscombe Banker VRs are brilliant, but…

    The “Return to shed” one has a couple of signalling errors, (1) as the banker approaches the station the signals would have been “on” (ie at danger) until the engine had almost stopped, then only the top arm (red = stop signal) would be lowered by the signalman (the other, yellow=distant, wouldn’t move). (2) I dont think the signalman would be permitted to let the banker use the crossover until the autotrain had arrived and stopped in the platform. (3) the autotrain wouldn’t start moving until the signal ahead was “off” (ie at proceed).

    Forgive me if you researched this & Brimscombe had exceptions to all of these rules 🙂

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  2. Philip

    13. Apr, 2017

    Thanks for comment! Very interesting!

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