What can be uploaded on the stroudcommunity.tv website?

We expect that the majority of films that are submitted will be accepted. If you are new to filming please see these sites:

– Video by Cirencester College students: http://youtu.be/39T3hUPCrKc

– Activists’ Guide to Archiving Video: http://archiveguide.witness.org/logo_sidebar_sanserif_green

We like:

  • 3 to 5 long minute films; we will upload longer films but they may be archived rather than being ‘featured’. If you have a longer film why not do a short version advertising the longer film?
  • Coverage of local events, local music and musicians, history, arts, nature, organisations, businesses, sport, politics and more
  • Positive stories
  • Documentaries about local people and organisations.

We won’t accept:

  • Videos which don’t have a real connection with Stroud and the Five Valleys
  • Any content that discriminates on grounds of gender, sexuality, race, colour, creed or disability
  • Any content that is judged to be purely advertising
  • Any content we know to be false or inaccurate information (we try our best with this and welcome people letting us know if they think we have missed something)
  • Videos that breach copyright or other legislation.

How to upload videos?

1. Upload your video to a video hosting site (e.g. youtube.com)

2. Email us the link (to info@stroudcommunity.tv); please include it’s connection with Stroud either with the email on or on the site hosting the video.

3. We check the video for suitability – see above. If we think it’s suitable, we’ll post it here, pronto.


Please also read our section on Watching/Feedback/Copyright.