8 ways to help stroudcommunity.tv

oscarbravo1. Get Involved: Join by signing up to our free e-newsletter

Join Stroud Community TV by leaving your email address in the right hand column on this site. See old newsletters at: http://stroudcommunity.tv/category/newsletters/

2. Get involved: Help publicise SCTV

Like our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/StroudCommunityTV

Leave comments about films, Tweet and Facebook ‘Like’ individual films and help rate films out of 5 with the stars.


Steve, Ben and Philip helping film 7 miles of pink scarf at Wool Against Weapons: http://stroudcommunity.tv/tag/nuclear/

3. Get Involved: Upload Your Film

Would you like to make a short film or films? Do you have any short videos about Stroud and the Five Valleys that you would like to share with the community? Click here to see how to do it or get in touch to find out more. Share your thoughts, dreams, passions, arts and more…

4. Get Involved: Send us a link

If you spot a Stroud connection then send us the link and we’ll look at putting it on this site.

5. Get Involved: Advertise on this website or make a donation

Stroud Community TV is a not for profit independent channel. Our costs and expenses are minimal but we would welcome support in meeting these costs. We are also keen to develop workshops to enable more people to get involved in making films.

If you are a local business, charity or organization that share our passion for building community in the Five Valleys you can have your logo on the home page for as little as £25.00 for three months. Please email us at: info@stroudcommunity.tv

Could you help develop our Children’s section?

6. Get Involved: Follow us on Twitter and Re-tweet

Follow now! @StroudTV

7. Get Involved: Help us run Stroud Community TV

This is a non-profit community organisation, run by the people for the people of Stroud. That means volunteers are needed who have organisational ability, publicity skills, people skills, fund-raising skills, community building skills etc., to serve on our board of directors and MAKE THIS THING FLY Interested? Please get in touch now!

We are also seeking ‘editors’ in areas like music to review the submitted videos for suitability and to publish them on Stroud Community TV. This will require a commitment to be available to respond fairly quickly, viewing submitted videos swiftly and uploading the suitable ones without delay.  Does that sound like the sort of community-minded role that you’d get a kick out of doing?  If so, email us for a chat.

We are also exploring the possibilities of running some workshops to develop video making skills. If you are interested in helping run workshops or participating in a workshop then please let us know by emailing us at: info@stroudcommunity.tv

8. Get Involved:  Help us with a donation

Our running costs are modest but there are some things we need cash for, such as renewing our .tv domain name, moving to a faster server, printing flyers, cards and posters.  With more funds we could run training and lend out equipment.  All donations gratefully received, however big or small.  Thanks!