Our values

We run SCTV because we believe in it, we’re all volunteers. We don’t make profits, and we don’t campaign for votes. We do have values. They’re central to everything we do.


We’re stronger together than we are apart. We’re better when we connect with the people around us, trust them and share with them.


Everybody is welcome, no-one is discriminated against or pre-judged. Everyone is free to be themselves. We’re democratic, we believe in hearing from everyone, and in helping every voice that respects others and the truth be heard.


We try to live well with our neighbours. We try to live life where we live, and not rely on modern transport to bring what we need from far away, or let modern technology and modern fears make our neighbours into strangers.


What we learn, we share. Whether it’s the films we find, or the skills we have. We want to assign credit where it’s due, to creators in particular, and we want to support new creators develop their talent. We want to be reliable, to fix our mistakes and fight fake news.


We want a cleaner, greener world to live in. Earth Overshoot Day comes earlier every year; we need to live within our means. We need practical ideas for how we’ll do it.


The future can be better than the present if we try. We want to show people being bold, new and creative, taking risks and opening their hearts and their minds. We want to find the guides and the gurus amongst us that will get us there.