Cas Greenfield & Dominic James Present ‘Words & Music 2’ at The Little Vic, Stroud on Sunday April 23rd, 7:30 £3

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Cas (pictured) writes: Words and Music 2 is an evening of poetry and song presented by Cas Greenfield and Dominic James. The second evening in an ongoing series draws local poets and performers together with guest artists from the surrounding counties. Words and Music 2 is on Sunday April the 23rd at 19:30 in The Little Vic at the foot of Gloucester Street in Stroud, in the courtyard of The Queen Victoria pub. The evening features Mandy Woods, Danica Trim, Eley Furrell, Kim Baker, Dominic James, Sandra Ireland, Nick Cameron-Jones and Cas Greenfield. Tickets for this cavalcade of literature and noise is a mere £3. Please arrive promptly to ensure a seat.

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Mandy Woods: A seasoned writer and performer in both the UK and America, Mandy has spent most of her adult life giving in to wanderlust and crafting songs, many of which tell a story – about the ups and downs of relationships, her own and other people’s struggles and quests for whatever it is we think our life is about, and anything else that has set her imagination off on her unconventional journey to where she is now. After spending a decade in Austin, Texas, followed by a number of years back in the UK, Mandy made a return visit to the States in 2010, drawn to Nashville, Tennessee, where she wrote several songs with singer songwriter Terri Calderon. She has since been back to Nashville several times to write and perform. She is now living near Oxford, England, where she grew up, and is a member of the London Songwriters’ Group.

Danica Trim: Danica has enjoyed singing since childhood and following an extensive period of vocal & piano tuition, began working on writing original songs in the Summer of 2008. Her influences are varied and range from Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett, Kate Bush and the Beatles to Contemporary Arabic Music. Danica has begun airing some of her songs in unplugged live performances with Max Hunt & Ed Brayshaw. Plans are under way for the formation of a full band in order to portray the songs in the full depth & scope of the album arrangements. Danica’s album Chasing Life and the poetry collection ‘Mustard Children’ is out now.

Eley Furrell & Kim Baker: Kim Baker has worked with various companies in Gloucestershire including The Everyman, Stroud Theatre Company, Daylight Theatre and Spaniel In The Works Theatre Company. Eley Furrell is a performance poet known for his distinctive brand of acerbic social satire.

Dominic James: I have been splashing around in the bath of poetry – poems hot and cold – for a few, short years. It is an absorbing pleasure. Fingertips don’t shrivel. It seems poems in their composition require every ability and memory of the writer, and for me this involves a slow re-acquaintance with my life, which is as much to say as with the world at large. So as a matter of course, deeper involvement brings deeper satisfaction. And i enjoy finding my sense of rhythm has improved, and my sense of sense. This is all very good for a middle-aged man. And after a couple more years, it continues the same. First Collection – there’s confident – Pilgrim Station out late 2016 through Sentinel Publishing, and a poetic show at Hungerford Literary Festival in October with fellow poets: all following suit, a suit of patchwork cloth.

Nick Cameron-Jones: Nick possesses a mesmeric voice and presentation style to match. A multi-instrumentalist, nick performs his varied repertoire with no hint of show-boarding, but during the songs and poems pins dropping are the loudest extraneous noises heard. Nick draws from a wide range of poetry and song and has interpreted the works of Cas Greenfield and Kuhl in his own unique way.

Sandra Ireland; Sandra is an illustrator and photographer who has lived and worked in and around the world of music for most of her career. Sandra has collaborated with Cas on various projects including the musical ‘The Weatherman’ and the new Kuhl album ‘Circus of Outrageous’. Sandra brings humour and a pure voice to the songs of Dylan, Donovan and the American Songbook. Songs about psychopaths being a particular favourite.

Cas Greenfield: Cas has a long career in music as both performer and songwriter. Forthcoming releases include Kuhl’s ‘Circus of Outrageous’ and ‘Boy in the Attic’, plus an autobiographical album ‘West Country Boy’. Cas’s novel ‘Slow Poison’ and poetry collection ‘Splinters and Sparks’ are both available on Amazon

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    Thanks to everyone who came – it was a unique and special evening…Cas

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