3 Super delicious milkshakes recipes & shots challenge – Banana, Strawberries & Chocolate

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3 Super delicious milkshakes recipes

Milk shakes are favourite for any age group. Most shop bought milk shakes contain sugar, colours thickeners and artificial flavours. The below recipe is simple healthy and organic. This is base recipe but you can add your twist like adding raspberries instead strawberry etc….

Also adding superfoods will add more nutrition.

Banana milk shake
Organic banana – 1 large ripened (well ripened banana provides required sugar)
Organic milk – 3/4 cup ( add more or less depends on the desired consistency) . The more diluted the less sweet it will be.
Dash of vanilla extract

Blend well, if desired sprinkle some super foods.

Strawberry Milkshake
Organic banana – 1 large ripened (banana used as thickener and sweetener)
Organic milk – 3/4 cup
2-3 strawberries (add more if you like)

Blend well, you end up with delicious strawberry smoothie.

Chocolate milkshake

Organic coco powder -1 teaspoon
Organic banana – 1 large ripened
Organic milk – 3/4 cup

Blend well, irresistible chocolate smoothie ready in seconds.

Optional can sprinkle over some superfoods to make it super milk shakes.

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