7 Miles of Pinkness

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One of three films to win Stroud Film Festival Short Film Awards 2015

This film covers the story of Stroud’s Jaine Rose who inspired thousands to first knit, then to unroll 7 miles of pink scarf on Nagasaki Day, 9th August 2014. In this film you hear the voices of some of those involved in this hugely creative campaign to stop the immorality of spending £120 billion on renewing Trident nuclear weapons.

2015 Nominations-Best Local film

This film has been nominated by the public for Stroud Community TV Awards 2015.

‘Yarn Bomb, not real Bombs! Join the rewooloution!’ The action caught many people’s imagination with young and old getting involved. The scarf is now being repurposed into blankets for humanitarian aid, including projects in Tanzania, Syria, and the U.K. Filming by Philip Booth, Ben Hedley and Steve Hurrell, edit by Ben Hedley with some music by Christina Witte.


Steve, Ben and Philip filming

Angie Zelter, founder of Trident Ploughshares, International Woman’s Peace Service and more commented (14th March 2015): “Little did I think my suggestion of knitting a pink peace scarf to link Aldermaston and Burghfield would be taken up so enthusiastically. But Jaine was enthused from the start and as we worked out the details it was clear that she had the backing of beautiful people in her Stroud community that would provide the essential support. But more importantly as we all did our networking, groups from all around the country found their strength and we found a groundswell of popular support for nuclear disarmament that could find safe and creative expression by knitting for peace. I am now hoping that this will translate into a green and peaceful vote in the coming elections that will ensure a majority of new MPs who will vote against Trident Replacement and for the kind of real security policies that we so desperately need to transform our financial structures, take power away from corporations, end poverty, and encourage a humane, sustainable and compassionate world of co-operation.”

Three in pink_a

Jaine, Philip and Ben at Film Festival Awards evening 13th March 2015 Photo by Steve Hurrell

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Wool Against Weapons is supported by CND, Action AWE and Lush Campaigns. You can see more at: woolagainstweapons.co.uk/

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  1. Francesca Stout

    20. Mar, 2015

    Proud to have been a part of this, and pleased that my pink knitting is now wrapped around someone who needs it.

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