A film about Jonny Fluffypunk? Crowdfunder

Posted on 07. Apr, 2018 by in Arts, Comedy, Featured

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“Jonny Fluffypunk is a gateway drug to the lifelong addiction of poetry”
What’s Fluffypunk all about? Our film is an observational documentary and arts film about Jonny Fluffypunk, a character invented by Jon Seagrave a comic poet and published author. Jon’s act deals with the human condition, social awkwardness and the effects of modern life all done with a self-deprecating wit and intelligence. In Jon’s words: ”Jonny Fluffypunk is a stupid name but it does sum up the ongoing dichotomy. On the one hand I’m still carrying the tattered black flag of anarchy and in the other, a bag of unsalted rice cakes and a Tibetan goats skin wind chime, so I have settled for the middle path of a sustainable nihilist.”
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