‘Anorak’: how many album covers can you recognise?!

Posted on 10. Dec, 2014 by in Featured, History, Music

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sctv-nomis-2014-logo-Best Local filmAndy Dunn writes: About half of my record collection – with an original piece of music by me – recorded a long time ago using an Atari ST and Akai sampler . Only one of the records appears twice, one is back to front and one is on it’s side . Do you know what they are?

Stroud Community TV judge David Pearson, of award-winning Arturi films, Oscar Shortlisted, BAFTA Nominated and winner of British Independent Film Award for feature film Mugabe and The White African, said: “A simple but effective approach  and a trip down music nostalgia’s road and my, doesn’t he have a lot of records!”

We are delighted to confirm this film was nominated by Stroud Community TV viewers for Stroud Community TV Awards 2014. See details at: https://stroudcommunity.tv/awards-2014/

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2 Responses to “‘Anorak’: how many album covers can you recognise?!”

  1. Matt Archibald

    04. Jan, 2015

    Well, , I clocked about 49 on a single look, although I’ve got no idea what sort of a percentage that is, and I daresayI’d get a different answer each time that I tried! A fine effort at some time – lapse photography! I certainly felt quite engaged by it. Well done Mister Dunn!! As for answering any of the other questions, that would take a not-insignificant amount of study! Is there a prize for the person who, first, comes up witb the correct answer?

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  2. Philip

    04. Jan, 2015

    Sadly no prize but it has been nominated for a Best Film 2014! Nominations open until end of month: https://stroudcommunity.tv/awards-2014/

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