Government austerity is imposing unsustainable cuts on Gloucestershire

Posted on 16. Feb, 2018 by in Featured, Politics & Campaigns

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David Drew MP writes: Drive on Gloucestershire’s roads and you know that the Government’s approach to public services is selling local people short. (No matter who they choose to vote for). Tory-led Northamptonshire Council is bust, and the local Conservative’s “roads first, people last” strategy is failing. Instead of mending roads, cuts from central Government have forced council taxpayers to fix holes in the Chancellor’s budget, leaving councils with a “mend and make do” approach that never gets to the heart of the problem. In the case of the dumping of children’s centres (which began under a Labour government as Sure Start Centres) council is displacing cheaper preventative measures with much more expensive late interventions. Just like our roads.

This week Labour and Green alliance on Gloucestershire County Council pressurised the Tory administration over this year’s budget, which pressured the council to make modest, but much needed investments in children’s services. Good, but not enough. The overall shortfall remains huge. And with a zombie Westminster administration in place it’s going to get worse. Whether it is roads, childcare or housing shortages, we are a long way past that critical phase when repairs are crucial.

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