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Best local film 2015We are delighted to confirm that this film won the best Local Film Award 2015. See more details: Stroud Community TV Awards 2015.

Callum Bonner writes: A short film I did for one of my final modules at Plymouth University in 2014. It is a semi-documentary about the feelings and difficulties of being on the Autistic Spectrum disorder and how it can be overcome. I am happy for the interviewees in this film that they have described their conditions and I hope you enjoy what they had to say.

At the time of making this I developed a fascination and hobby for photographing and filming different forms of reflections. I used this method to create a film in order to use the reflections as a visual metaphor for talking about one’s self.

Sound effect used:

Links to learn more about Autism:

About Callum Bonner

(I apologise for the not-so-great introduction) My name is Callum and I am a Graduate in Media Arts from Plymouth University and I am currently seeking more experience involving film, photography and sound. My interests in film making are documentaries, art films, satire, dark comedy, horror and drama. I do hope my involvement in Stroud Community TV will introduce me to new opportunities and to some great groups of people.

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