Awards Small2013Stroud Community TV Awards 2013: the results!

The judges have voted: some results were announced Sunday evening at Transition Stroud’s film night, the full results will appear in Stroud Life tomorrow and are now printed below.

Neil Carmichael MP who was one of the judges for business films category said: “All of the films were very good and it’s excellent to see the creativity in filmmaking here in Stroud”.

SCTVwinnerTWO-s2Philip Booth, who organised the awards said: “It is great to see so much interest in the project. We’d love to hear from more filmmakers. amateur or professional, who would be interested in filming local events and projects.”

This is our second year and we now have well over 1,100 films on our site. Like last year we invited the public to nominate films in six categories from films uploaded to our site in 2013. Our team of experienced local judges then judged from the most nominated films in each category. The categories were all judged by at least three of the team. Below you will find:

  1. 2013 Winners

  2. Nominations for 2013

  3. List of our 2013 judges

1. 2013 Winners

SCTV-winner-best local filmBest Local film

‘Say Their Name’ is made by Jane Harris and Jimmy Edmonds for The Compassionate Friends:

‘Say Their Name’ by Beyond Goodbye and The Compassionate Friends is a powerful film in which grieving parents and siblings speak openly, candidly and in public about the devastating experience of the death of their child. It provides an invaluable insight into what many have described “as any parents worst nightmare” and gives comfort to the newly bereaved, and understanding to their friends and family.

jane tcfEx-Eastenders star, local resident and Stroud Community TV judge, Seán Gleeson, writes; “‘Say Their Name’ by Beyond Goodbye for The Compassionate Friends is my top film. It is a very competent, informative, honest communications film. Sensitively and subtly put together.”

Photo: Jane Harris talks about her son Joshua who died in 2011

Jimmy Edmonds and Jane Harris said: “We are truly honoured to have been awarded this honour by Stroud Community TV. We joined The Compassionate Friends because as bereaved parents we felt so isolated after the death of our son.  This led to us being asked to make a film to promote the wonderful work of The Compassionate Friends. The  pressure to put on a stiff upper lip after the death of a child is immense.  The reality is that the grief felt after the death of a child has no time limit and cannot be  ‘fixed’. We hope that by making Say Their Name for The Compassionate Friends it will help others to understand what we all experience daily as we learn to live with the worst loss of all. We are not ill or mad or contagious, but simply heartbroken.  By being brave enough to simply acknowledge our grief you can actually help bereaved patents and siblings survive the worst loss.”

SCTV-winner-best campaign filmBest Campaign film

Tourette’s Awareness Day @ Ruskin Mill:

This is a film by Philip Booth, co-founder of Stroud Community TV, of the Tourette’s Awareness day last July at Ruskin Mill. Great speakers that share more about what it is like to live with Tourettes.

Jessica ThomPhilip Booth commented on the result: “This was a surprise win indeed. It was a fantastic day organised by some of the Ruskin Mill students to raise awareness about Tourette’s – this film includes the hugely entertaining and informative Jessica Thom (see photo) telling lots about how it is to live with Tourettes.”


SCTV-winner-best stroud music filmBest Stroud Music film

Hattie Briggs – Share your Heart – Original song (Live recording):

Hattie was, last month, at the Royal Albert Hall where she was one of four artists competing in the BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Awards. She didn’t win that award, but has come top with judges for this film of her singing ‘Share Your Heart.’

ImageLocal filmmaker and Stroud Community TV, judge Alasdair Ogilvie comments:  “Share your Heart Hattie Briggs has crafted a beautiful and original song, heightened by Alasdair Campbell’s piano.”

Photo: Hattie Briggs with permission of Hattie Briggs

Peter Richardson, co-founder of Stroud Community TV commented: “A haunting song, beautifully sung.”

Hattie Briggs commented: “I am really proud and delighted to have won this award.  It’s so encouraging to hear that people are enjoying my music.”

SCTV-winner-best community event filmBest Community Event film

Applewood Community Event:

This film by Philip Booth covers one of the community events at the old Cashes Green Hospital site where the new Applewood development of 78 new homes is nearly completed. Among those interviewed are members of the Community Land Trust, Kevin McCloud and local residents.

_MG_8008Stroud Mayor and judge Amanda Moriarty: ‘My reason for giving the Applewood Community Event the highest score is that ‘it is an informative film about an exciting project with its emphasis on sustainabilty and community involvement which the film successfully conveys.’  

Photo: Philip filming Kevin McCloud with kind permission from photographer Ruth Davey


SCTV-winner-best local business filmBest Local Business film

The White Practice:

Stroud Community TV judge, Domonic White, of local company Suscito Films said: ‘The White Practice’ video stood out in the ‘Best Local Business film’ category as being the most professionally put together with the good audio clarity and well considered and composed shots. Clear forethought and planning appears to have gone into the production, and the simple, informative documentary style worked well.”

130417 - The White PracticeDavid James who made the film commented: “I’m delighted to receive this award, especially from an organisation like Stroud Community TV. I used to work as a cameraman in regional news and I loved meeting all the local people and telling the stories of my own community. I’d been doing other things for a while but setting up Cotswold Productions was my way of getting back to doing something I love. It’s joy to make films in beautiful surroundings and spending time with people doing things they love too and telling their stories. I’m particularly pleased that the film about the White Practice Oesteopaths was chosen because Nick White was the first business owner in the Five Valleys to commission me.”

David James is a former BBC and ITN cameraman, editor and producer. As well as running Cotswold Productions he can sometimes be found working in his wife’s toy shop Enchanted Childhood in Nailsworth. See a film about his company here.

SCTV-winner-best community project filmBest Community project film

Transition Stroud’s Fix It For Free:

Cllr June Cordwell, Chair of Community Committee at Stroud District council and Stroud Community TV judge, said: “Immediately striking is the buzz of enjoyment and people helping each other. There is obviously organised teamwork going on here, with people sharing skills, to recycle and sustain the life of objects. Here is help in the community not only for themselves, but also for local businesses and its free”.

repair_cafeChalford-based, Jimmy Edmonds, Stroud Community TV judge and an experienced film and TV editor commented: “All films had a clear vision and were purposeful attempts to highlight community activities. What was particular satisfying with Peter Richardson’s film was his evident engagement with the event which helped draw me into the film and its characters. Its lovely idea with some very engaging characters.”

Photo: Paul Sheriden fixing

Camilla Bassett-Smith, CSV Outreach Manager at BBC West and a judge for Stroud Community TV, commented: “I like the walking with the camera, it feels like we are really on a journey of discovery with the cameraman/presenter! Instant good sense of community.”

SCTV-winner-audience awardAudience Award

Forwards: Everyone Deserves an opportunity for a job:

This film goes to the film with the most nominations by viewers. It was narrowly won by ‘Forwards: Everyone Deserves an opportunity for a job.’ The film is aimed at businesses in Gloucestershire to show what could be possible for people with a learning disability. The film was by Moose Marketing and PR.


2. Nominations for 2013

SCTV-noms-2013-best local filmBest Local film: 3 nominations

‘Where Are You’ by Gary Long:

Captain Cowbell – The Moo-tation:

‘Say Their Name’ by Beyond Goodbye and The Compassionate Friends

SCTV-noms-2013-best campaign filmBest Campaign film: 5 nominations

Forwards: Everyone Deserves an opportunity for a job:

30/30 Challenge; employers helping to get people with a learning disability into work:

Dump the Big Six:

Tourette’s Awareness Day @ Ruskin Mill:

Hate Crime awareness:

SCTV-noms-2013-best stroud music filmBest Stroud Music film: 6 nominations

A Good Old Fashioned Christmas: the original film from this has been removed but you can see the 2016 version here:

Hattie Briggs – Share your Heart – Original song (Live recording):

Everything is Beautiful – OPENhouse and Kingfisher Treasure Seekers Charity Single:

Knock On Wood – Billy Brandt, Sarana VerLin and Paul Bryant:

Boy In The Attic – Cosmic Glue Recording Session:

Ceilidh-jo Rowe and Matthias Weston – Bob Dylan cover – ‘It Ain’t Me Babe’:

SCTV-noms-2013-community events filmBest Community Event film: 5 nominations

‘I Will Tell You Something…’ exhibition incl highlights of opening night:

Applewood Community Event:

Art Couture 2013 in Painswick:

Seed festival @ Hawkwood:

One Billion Rising: Sadly this film has been removed

SCTV-noms-2013-local business filmBest Local Business film: 5 nominations

Rush Skate Park:

Survival School Limited:

Stroud Saddlery:

Meet Terry and Katherine of Stroud Sunday Market:

The White Practice:

SCTV-noms-2013-best community project filmBest Community project film: 5 nominations

You’re Welcome:

Stroud Valleys Project:

Beacon Gospel Choir in Painswick:

Transition Stroud’s Fix It For Free:

Stroud Permaculture course:

 3. List of our 2013 judges

Judges did not vote in any of the categories where they had film entries. Here’s the list of thsi years judges:

Neil Carmichael MP

Amanda Moriarty, Mayor of Stroud

Cllr June Cordwell, Chair Community Committee, Stroud District Council

Domonic White, Suscito Films

Jimmy Edmonds, a television and film editor specializing in documentaries for the BBC and Channel Four.

Camilla Bassett-Smith, CSV Outreach Manager at BBC West and consultant on the BBC community gardening programme, ‘The Flowerpot Gang’; CSV creates opportunities for people to take an active part in the life of their community

Seán Gleeson, TV Director and actor in Eastenders and Doctors

David Watkins, Film Producer of Mr Wiggles

Vicky Temple, Stroud Life

Peter Richardson, Director, Stroud Community TV

Rick Vick, Organiser of many Stroud Festivals including Stroud Young Film Makers at Stroud Valleys Artspace

Alisdair Ogilvie, Photographer and film maker

Pip Heywood, award winning freelance off-line and film editor since 1976.

Mark Wilderspin, Singer-songwriter and film maker.

Helen Royall, Musician and Event Organiser for Transition Stroud.

Background to Stroud Community TV

The awards are a way of celebrating Stroud and the Five Valleys, but also encouraging more people to get involved in the project. We want more films, film makers and courses to engage more people. Some of the films are a very high standard, while others capture a corner of Stroud that is totally engaging. There is something for everyone. We are creating a place tell good news stories about the projects and events in Stroud and encourage more of those. It is about showcasing the creative talent here, nurturing more, supporting local organisations and businesses and giving a voice to those less often heard. SCTV is part of Transition Stroud who are about building and strengthening community and seeking to a move us to a more locally-based low carbon lifestyle.

View all the award winning films and nominations from 2012 at:

Philip Booth, Director,
Stroud Community TV