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For the best films of 2016

Our amazing audience!





This was our fifth year of awards and our biggest ever Awards evening with over 125 people joining us. Below in section one are the Winners, section two has the nominations and section three is background to the voting and thanks yous…photos mostly Theseus Lythgoe (with big big thanks to him)….

Philip introducing Awards

Here are some of the quotes used by the local press…..Philip Booth (see right), a founder of Stroud Community TV who compered the evening said: “No wrong envelopes were opened but the evening still had the magic of the Oscars – Stroud-style! This was our fifth awards evening and part of the growing Stroud Film Festival. We have been bowled over by the quality and variety of films this year. What a wonderful mix; wacky, inspiring, thought-provoking, tear-jerking and some with a dash of that Stroud quirkiness. This year topics included the canal, visiting a refugee camp, international artist Swarez, tree maintenance, raft racing, Forest Green Rovers, a youth bicycle project and even a sci-fi film made in a day on Swifts Hill. We were also fortunate to have Sacha Dench from Slimbridge who flew 7,000 kilometres across 11 countries to follow the Bewick Swans. She shared some of her stories and some of her beautiful film from that journey.”

Red carpet!

One of the winners was Robert Paget (see left below), whose film ‘Voices on the Towpath’ was winner in the Best Community Project category. He said when presented with his Stroud Community TV Coffee Mug and Certificate “It is good to see film-making alive and well in the Stroud Valleys. It is a real honour to receive an award when the quality of films were of such a high quality. I grew up in

Bob Paget

Cainscross with Dudbridge Lock at the bottom of the garden – and so I am a ‘Stroudie’. Amateur film making for me is a second hobby – second to boating and canals.”

Here’s Stroud Life write up of the evening:

See our 6 minute film of winners at:

See Sacha talking swans at teh Awards evening:

And our 90 second film of the winners getting their Awards:

1. Awards for 2017!

winner 2017 Best Music Film

RFS getting Award!

Best Music Film

Strong competition this year but delighted to share that Russian Flying Squirrel wins! ‘And the People Say’ was the first song from Nailsworths’ Russian Flying Squirrel:

Russian Flying Squirrel

Our judge David Pearson wrote: “Simple idea but original and entertaining. The approach adopted suited the song and gave a good sense of the band. Well executed and it kept building to the end. ” Our judge Ben Hedley wrote: “Love the floating head and old paper style…very well developed and engaging.  Good performance from the band too.”

While Andy Freedman who presented the Award and judged the film commented: “Creative. Varied use of technology. Great composition and effects.”

Andy Freedman presenting Award

Winners; Russian Flying Squirrel

RFS sharing story of how they got on BBC4






Andy Freedman








SCTV-WINNER 2017-Best Local film

Little Stars getting their award

Best Local film

‘Little Stars’ by Domonic White of suscito films:

Dominic White on the Awards evening commented that the film was a bit of a social media experiment film; it was created through online collaboration, with no script, no budget, and filmed (and partly edited) during a single day. Contributors sent footage from around the world, and this was woven into the edit as the plot line evolved. He shared that the most difficult and frustrating part of the process was not being able to include all the footage people sent.

Jane Harris presenting Award

Accepting Award!

Local filmmaker Pip Heywood in judging the film commented: “Good concept and gathering of news footage – and good drama, especially discovering loss of Ollie. Great scene on Swifts Hill at end”. While our judge and media student Charlotte Saunders said: “Beautifully done, believable, good CGI, fantastic city shots and wonderful screen-performance from the child actors”


Winners of Best Local Film









winner 2017 Best campaign film

Claudia talking about her film

Best Campaign film

Stroud Mum goes to Calais Refugee Camp:

Lis Parker presented the Award…



Lis Parker presenting Award







winner 2017 Best community event film

Best Community Event film

The Stroud Raft race returned to the canal;

Steve Robinson

Philip Booth

Film by Philip Booth Cllr Steve Robinson, who presented the Award wrote when judging: “So many people enjoying themselves which in turn helps to make our community feel good.” While or judge Camilla Bassett-Smith wrote: “Good mix of contributors. Loved the falling in replay at 3:09!  Great up-sum at the end about what people thought of the event….This film was up-tempo and joyous.”


winner 2017 best local business film

Winners accepting Award

Best Local Business film

Life as an artist: Lose the fear and do your own thing. By Swarez Art:

Local MP Neil Carmichael judging the films said: “This film captivates the viewer from the beginning. It shows the journey of the artwork from inspiration through to completion”.

Film maker Barney Witts

Camilla Hale presenting Award









Philip and Swarez








winner 2017 best community project award

Accepting Award

Best Community project film

Cotswold Canals – Voices on the Towpath – volunteers & community:

Vicky Temple judging the films said: “This was a really great showcase for the Cotswold Canals renovation. We loved all the different voices, offering technical information, wildlife detail and personal experience and really felt informed about how many people have been involved with the Cotswold Canal restoration. It was insightful and enjoyable.” Helen Royall of Transition Stroud said: “Lovely, unpretentious, clear and informative as well as engaging.”

Clive Field talking about Cotswold Canals

Vicky Temple announcing Award winner







winner 2017 best green award

Helen Taylor accepting Award for Forest Green Rovers

Best ‘Green’ film

Forest Green Rovers:

Our judge Cllr Sarah Lunnon who also presented the Award, wrote: “This was more like it, linking community, business and fun with recycling, renewables and recreation. Liked seeing the fans both for and against.”


winner 2017 audience award

Audience voting

Audience Award: Best film of last 5 years

For our Audience Award this year we took the three films with the highest nominations over the last 5 years and then on the evening the Audience voted on their favorite (see photo right).

Winner: Ark House:

The audience voting


Stroud Life:

Love is a Gift:



2. Full list of Nominations 2017

nom-2017-best-musicBest Music Film

Zsa Zsa by Kuhl – from the forthcoming album ‘The Circus of Outrageous’ – Inspired by the Queen of Glamour, Craig Russell:

Old Pine Ben Howard Cover – With Ben Edmonds and Izzy Dalby filmed in Eastcombe by Will Powell:

‘And the People Say’ – first song from Nailsworths’ Russian Flying Squirrel:

‘Nostalgia’ – Wallander version of this song by Emily Barker:

Thee Ones from Stroud have a new album; ‘Backyard Boogaloo’:

Cas Greenfield’s Good Old Fashioned Christmas:

Hattie Briggs – On Your Way (Live video):



Best Local film

‘Bus Stop’ Flies On The Wall Youth Theatre Film Project:

‘A Real Experience – Adventuring in the Woods’ by Sam Judd:

Square Bomb Kickstarter Video:

‘Little Stars’ by Domonic White of suscito films:

‘Love and Loss’ by Jonas Pollard:

‘Transition’ by Ni Smith:


nom-best-campaign-filmBest Campaign film

Citizens demand to see the Urbaser-GCC incinerator contract:

Support for junior doctors:

Horsley Court Development Proposal:

Stroud Mum goes to Calais Refugee Camp:

Forest Green Rovers announce Sea Shepherd partnership:

Fairtrade fortnight 2016 – Chia Coffee Porridge:


nom-2017-best-community-event-filmBest Community Event film

Stroud Christian Community Spring Fair 2016:

Rodborough Real Gardens & Sculpture Trail:

Stroud Sacred Music Festival:

The Great Golden Gong in Stroud:

The Stroud Raft race returned to the canal;

‘Allsorts; Our Voice to Live Conference’:

nom-2017-best-local-business-filmBest Local Business film

Jolly Nice Farm Shop and Takeaway Cafe:

Wild Wheels Showdown | Rush Skate Park:

Nailsworth Strength and Fitness:

Hawkwood; the venue:

Forma – GymnasticBodies UK based in Stroud with a film about their techniques and more:

Life as an artist: Lose the fear and do your own thing. By Swarez Art:


nom-2017-community-projectBest Community project film

Put Your Face On – Flies On The Wall Youth Theatre:

Cotswold Canals – Voices on the Towpath – volunteers & community:

Stroud Valleys Project at Omnitrack:

A look at Stroud Valleys Credit Union:

Singers wanted for Stroud’s Gospel Choir:


green-alternativeBest ‘Green’ film

Community R4C Share Offer:

Rob Hopkins at Transition Stroud’s “10 years and beyond” event:

Dale Vince of Ecotricity talking Green Gas:

Forest Green Rovers:

Access Bike Crowdfunder:


Sacha and Philip

3. Background and thank yous!

As in previous years members of the public nominated their best films in one or more of the categories listed above. To qualify the films had to be among the 480 or so local films that have been uploaded to Stroud Community TV during 2016. The films with the most nominations then went to our team of experienced local judges (see below).

Sacha, Sam and Philip

Sam Stafford

The nominations and results were announced at our Awards Night on Saturday 18th March at Lansdown Hall. During the Night we showed 25 films including the winning films plus other great local films. There was also a chance to meet some of the film makers. This year our special guests included Sacha Dench of the media team from Slimbridge WWT who made the extraordinary Flight of the Swans journey across 7000 kilometres (see more here) – pictured right and below of Sacha with Sam Stafford from Slimbridge and Philip Booth. Our film night was again be part of the hugely successful Stroud Film Festival.

James Beecher

Sacha, Sam & Philip

Big thank yous must go to all our volunteers this year – but first to get a mention must be Steve Hurrell for sorting the technical stuff before and on the evening; no mean feat when we had 25 films in different formats with different sound levels. Thanks also to those who shared their passions; the Slimbridge team, James Beecher and Anna Bonalack talking Transition Stroud and Access Bike and Ni Smith for sharing his animation work.

Animator Nigel Smith

Huge thanks also to Stroud Film Festival and Stroud Town Council for their support. Ned at Lansdown Hall has just been amazing at helping us set up all the technical stuff at the hall. Even Stroud Subscription Rooms (which we weren’t in) tweeted the event and loaned us the red carpet. As always thanks to Russ for our original cat logo and cartoons on our website. Plus thanks to artist Joe Ward for designs of our Award mugs, graphic artist Bruce Winslade for our posters, James Beecher (pictured above) at Hubstroud for tweeting the Awards night, Theseus Lythgoe for photography during the evening, Lotte Saunders, Peter Richardson, Lisa, Ine and Ingelin Christensen for support in setting up hall (and some of those also made bunting) and all those who presented the Awards (mentioned above), the 17 judges listed below and of course all the wonderful filmmakers who let us share their work.

Steve Hurrell who did all our technical stuff

See previous winners and nominations –  for 2015 here, for 2014 here, 2013 here and for 2012 here. We love the quote below as it sums up the Awards evening so well although this quote was from two years ago and this year we did have a red carpet!

Local filmmaker Jimmy Edmonds writes of a previous Awards evening: “There was no red carpet and no tuxedos, no massed ranks of photographers and no star spotters – neither was there a big name celebrity to clutch a golden statue to her breast before revealing the winner. But what there was, was pure Stroud……The audience fed on…small but intense delicacies with enthusiasm and true appreciation of the ability of film and video to reach the parts that bigger movies might not – a community recorded and represented in its own way, unmediated by any need to make a profit or sell an idea.”

La La Land certificate?

Team of Judges this year

Andy Freedman, Stroud Film Festival Organiser and previously Head of Cirencester College Media Department
David Pearson, award-winning Arturi films, Oscar Shortlisted, BAFTA Nominated and winner of British Independent Film Award for feature film Mugabe and The White African
Camilla Bassett-Smith, recent TV credits include Assistant Producer on BBC’s ‘The Allotment Challenge’ and ‘The Great British Garden Revival’ and Garden Producer for C4’s ‘Inside Out Homes’. Currently working for the RHS Shows coverage for the BBC.
Helen Royall, Musician and Event Organiser for Transition Stroud
Kevin Cranston, Mayor of Stroud
Steve Robinson, Chair of Stroud District Council’s Community Services and Licensing Committee, Nailsworth’s Mayor for 3 years
Sarah Lunnon, Stroud County Councillor, Stroud Town councillor
Jo Bousfield, Artistic director Flies On the Wall Youth Theatre, Performer, Writer
Pip Heywood, award winning freelance off-line and film editor since 1976.
Ben Hedley, Wolfgang production company
Charlotte Saunders, media student
Peter Richardson, Director, Stroud Community TV

View from desk where all the films were played from

Vicky Temple,  Stroud Life
Erik Wilkinson, Director Transition Stroud
Toby Kempner, musician and sound engineer
Steve Hurrell, television documentary producer, media producer and photographer
Neil Carmichael MP




Comments about our Awards evening

Mugs for sale!

Comments from Facebook and twitter:

The level of professionalism on display coupled with Stroud’s quirkiness was a delightful surprise. And you held the entire evening together with charm and humour. Just fabulous. Thanks for everything you and the team have done to give us this amazing platform to share our thoughts and views and ideas and songs in all their diversity.

Omg! What an a evening, I loved it ….all emotions were touched by beautiful movies. Thanks for being very encouraging  throughout my video journey.

The event was brilliantly run and well done with the lighting, sound, and visuals; it meant that everyone could


enjoy the vast variety of footage that was on offer.

It made me really, really proud to be Stroud!

Amazing! Thanks – I thought you did a superb job, and I think everyone in the room should be very grateful. Well done and thank you!

A huge thank you to you too, both for asking me to present an award and for a really lovely evening. I had no idea what to expect and it was a truly great night. So many lovely films and to meet the swan lady was an extra treat….So much amazing talent in Stroud.

Well done again for organising such a great event.

What a lovely, lovely evening.

Thank you for a wonderful evening. It was a real eye opener regarding  the creative talent in the Five Valleys.

Fab evening in Stroud

James Beecher talking Transition Stroud with Anna Bonallack talking about Access Bike

Congratulations on an excellent event…thanks for making it happen.. and all the film makers and people doing amazing things locally

I was stunned by the quality and varieties of the movies we could produce around Five valleys. Great time spent watching these amazing movies!

Inspiring films from the community

What a great evening at the Stroud Community TV Awards last night, so many fascinating, inspiring and beautiful films about some of the many aspects of life in and around Stroud! Well worth a watch.

Thank you so much for organising. Was a great night and a real honour to be there.

This was such a good night….

Had an absolute blast…..You did an amazing job organizing everything, don’t know where you found the time.


Projection quality and image quality from the projector were absolutely top notch at the awards show.  That was an amazing film show, with a great atmosphere. A guy sat next to us was asking basic advice about film making – I was trying to give encouragement – he used to film in 8mm.

It made me realise again what a greta place to live Stroud is!

it was a brilliant event.

Terrific evening. Well done! It was a truly impressive collection of Stroud Talent,

We had a great night and were suitably impressed by the local talent.
HUGE thanks to Stroud Community TV for pulling together such a wonderful Awards evening as part of Stroud Film Festival, his support and enthusiasm for the local film making community is greatly appreciated, and has to be admired. We were fortunate enough to win too – which made the evening even better!

Last Sat was fantastic, congratulations for such a high quality evening , amazing films really inspirational and informative!!!