Stroud Community TV Awards 2012

Winners announced

Stroud Community TV was launched in Spring 2012 and has over 700 films uploaded that cover local businesses, community projects, history and more.

In January we sought nominations for films for the Stroud Community TV Awards 2012 in 6 categories: Business, Film, Campaign, Community Project, Community Event and Music – plus an Audience Award category for the film with the most nominations. We then took the films with the most nominations and a panel of 9 judges (listed at the bottom of this page), with experience in film, were appointed to vote for the winner in each category. The complete list of winners is announced today, 13th February 2013.

Winners of Awards 2012

For a complete list of nominations in each category scroll to the bottom of this page.

SCTVawards- Best Local filmBest Local film: ‘Beyond Goodbye’

“BEYOND GOODBYE” is a powerful  film by Jimmy Edmonds and Jane Harris remembering their son Josh, 23 years old, from Chalford, who worked for the Ministry of Sound in London and was killed in a motorbike accident in Vietnam in 2011. It has value for all those who are recently bereaved as well as anyone interested in healing power of creating a funeral ritual without recourse to conventional undertakers.”

Jimmy Edmonds said to Stroud Community TV: “Josh was 22 when he died in a road accident while traveling in SE Asia.    That was two years ago.    Since, then we have found ourselves responded to his loss and to our grief in a number of creative ways. Our first task was to record his funeral and make a film of the event. This is BEYOND GOODBYE and is hosted on our website of the same name. Josh’s mum  Jane and I are very honoured to receive this award … especially as it helps us to continue a conversation not only about Josh (pictured below), about also about death and bereavement in general, a social taboo which we have at times found almost as difficult to accept as his death itself.”

Josh_BM_020-1024x678Andy Freedman, Head of Cirencester College Media Department and a judge in this category said of the film: “Profoundly moving; unique, original and a significant piece of work. A range of skillful techniques used to create a extraordinarily affecting  film.”

David Pearson of award-winning Arturi films and a judge for SCTV, said: “A brave and compelling account of something most people avoid discussing. It is everything good documentaries should be: revealing, effecting, moving and making the viewer see something from a different perspective.”

Philip Booth, a Director of Stroud Community TV commenting on the award said: “This is an extraordinary film documenting Josh’s funeral – and an example to all of us who might want to play a larger part in the grieving journey  – or as Funeral Director, James Showers, says in the film, ‘helping people to reclaim their farewell.”

Domonic White, of Suscito Films and a judge in the Awards, said: “Various films stand out in this years Stroud Community TV awards, especially in the category of ‘Best Local Film’. Two films particularly come to the fore in my view, namely ‘Beyond Goodbye’ and ‘Letting go’. They are very different in their styles and format but both are remarkable and will undoubtedly leave their audiences moved.”

See ‘Beyond Goodbye’ at:

Second in the awards was the Eastenders and Doctors’ actor, Seán Gleeson’s film, ‘Letting Go’ – other nominations in this category can be found by scrolling down this page.

SCTVawards-Best Local Business filmBest Local Business film: Kitchen Garden Foods

Kitchen Garden Foods were the winner with their film by Cordial AV, who have picked up an amazing three wins with their films on Stroud Community TV. Kitchen Garden Foods of Stroud have made top quality jams, chutneys, marmalades and condiments since 1989. Still true to their founding principles, they have never felt the need to change production methods nor compromise on quality.

Tim Pellatt of Cordial AV said to Stroud Community TV: “We originally made this video with Gloucestershire Media to be shown at the Taste of Gloucestershire Food and Farming awards in 2012. Our approach is always to understand the ethics and ethos of the company rather than to blindly promote. Kitchen Garden Foods represents an extension to MD Barbara Monet’s own principles and this comes across in her interview. We were chuffed to bits to be nominated for this award, as business films are rarely recognised, so winning is a great honour.”

Kitchen Garden Preserves2Jason Chare, Stroud Life Editor and judge of the business category said: “Engaging and informative from the start, great use of cutaways with enthusiastic and slick narrative from Barbara Moinet – short, sweet and to the point.”

See nominations in all the categories by scrolling down and see the winning Business film at:


SCTVawards-Best Community Event filmBest Community Event film: Frocester Beer and Painswick Couture Festivals – Joint winners.

Cordial AV films and their film of ‘Frocester Beer Festival 2012′ were joint winners with filmmaker Rob James’ film ‘Painswick Art Couture 2012’.

Frocester Beer Festival 1Frocester Film.

The Frocester film takes us through a day in the life of the Frocester Beer festival – through sunshine, torrential rain and beer… lots of beer! Tim Pellatt of Cordial AV said to Stroud Community TV: “The beer festival has been a huge part of the Stroud social scene and I was surprised to discover that nobody had ever shot a film about it. So I decided to document it and give it the coverage it deserves.”

Camilla Bassett-Smith, CSV Outreach Manager at BBC West and a judge for SCTV said of the Frocester film: “Clear, concise, sharp, quick moving, good variety of local society represented from families to groups of friends and couples. The time check idea gave a great illustration of what to expect from the day. Not too long! Very watchable!”

Painswick Film

David Pearson of award-winning Arturi films and a judge for SCTV, said of the Art Couture film: “Sense of humour and fun about this lively event, the report capture the irreverence.”

Filmmaker Rob James said of his winning entry to Stroud People: “I was very pleased to hear that I’d won the Best Community Event Film award, along with my friends at Cordial AV. I was asked to help cover the Wearable Art Festival that morning, so I really didn’t know what to expect. It turned out to be a great day – very vibrant and busy with dozens of creative pieces on display, all very varied and, not forgetting, lots of live music too. Credit must also go to presenters Lola Royle and Holly Thomas for their hard work arranging and conducting the interviews. I think it’s very important to recognise what we have on our doorstep and support local events and especially local and emerging talent. Art Couture Painswick is a great showcase for amateur and professional designers and artists – I hope they ask me back again this year.”

Other films nominated in this category included Stroud on Water and Randwick Wap and can be seen by scrolling down to the nominations section..

See Frocester and Painswick films at: 

SCTVawards- Best Campaign filmBest Campaign film: Carers Gloucestershire

Carers Gloucestershire’s ‘1 in 10’ music video based loosely on the 1981 UB40 hit single, highlights the role of carers and that 1 in 10 of the UK adult population has an unpaid caring role.

David Pearson of award-winning Arturi films and a judge for SCTV, said: “Very smart simple presentation that lifts a difficult to convey subject and invokes emotion and universality.”

!in 10 image 1Nick Baker, Communications Manager, Carers Gloucestershire said to Stroud Community TV: “We are delighted that One in Ten has been awarded Best Campaign Film in the Stroud Community TV Awards 2012. It is not only an honour to have the hard work involved acknowledged but rewarding that our efforts to find new ways to identify and support carers has proved successful. We would like to thank all the carers who took part in the film and your panel for recognizing the issues around the role of unpaid carers.”

A very close second came ‘A Mother’s Anthem’ by Suscito Films’ to raise awareness of those who live with Type 1 Diabetes.

See other nominations in this category below and 1 in 10 at: 

Audience awardSTV2-2Audience Award: Stroud Goodwill Evening 2012

This award goes to the film with the most nominations by viewers. It is won by Philip Booth, who helped set up Stroud Community TV and captures some of the voices, stalls, procession and music at the Stroud Goodwill Evening 2012.

One of the comments sent in about the film said: “A film that is rough and ready and captures some of the flavour and quirkiness of Stroud.”

GoodwillPhilip Booth added: “I’m not really a film maker but I like capturing some of the voices and enthusiasm of people and projects that make our communities tick; we get loads of terrible news in the media and it is great instead to share some of the positive events, fun, successes, people coming together to make changes and more that is going on everyday around us.”

See this film at:

SCTVawards-Best Community project filmBest Community project film: Ark House

A totally inspiring open and honest film made by the young residents from Ark House, supported housing in Stroud. The film shows their pasts as well as their hopes and dreams and was made as part of a Young Gloucestershire project in collaboration with Cordial AV C55 Films and Mediabox.

Tim Pellatt of Cordial AV said to Stroud Community TV: “This film was made as part of a filmmaking initiative headed up by Young Gloucestershire with the help of Gloucester-based video production company Cordial AV.”

Ark House2Kay Bunyan of Young Gloucestershire said: “I feel privileged to work on projects that allow us to take a look into other people’s lives. This was certainly the case with some of the residents at Ark House. They not only participated in the shooting and editing of this film, but allowed us to understand their hopes and aspirations with frank discussions on-camera about their past and future lives. This award is for all of the young people involved.”

Camilla Bassett-Smith, CSV Outreach Manager at BBC West and a judge for SCTV said: “This was a very professional slick film. Interesting shots/camera angles. Good use of black and white, good soundtrack. Explained well about Ark House and the strong stories behind the people there. Never lingered too long on one shot, kept your interest. Good local establishing shots.”

See other nominations in this category by scrolling down this page and see this film at:

SCTVawards-Best Music film

Best Stroud Music film: Stroud Life by Wilderspin

This section was hotly contended with a huge range of music films. ‘Stroud Life’ were the winners – it is a wonderful light-hearted, wry look at life in and around Stroud and some of the people who live and work there. The video was made by local folk/country/rock band Wilderspin, as a result of a report by the BBC’s Country File program where they managed to find some slightly ‘odd’ examples of our local residents. Wilderspin (pictured far right in photo with band) said to Stroud Community TV: “Wilderspin are delighted to have won the SCTV music video award and thank all those who nominated us and who have contributed to it’s success both by inadvertantly appearing in it and also watching it. It’s been great to have the opportunity to document the key aspects that we all know and love about Stroud’s everyday life in both song and video. It’s actually quite ironic as the song was originally only writtten for a one-off gig and never destined to be part of our usual set list and languished in the ‘Stuff we’re not quite sure what to do with tray’ until we decided to see how it might sound recorded. Then a friend’s dog seemed to like it so we thought we might release it and give it an airing. So we guess he should be sharing in the accolades of this award as much as Mark Wilderspin who wrote the song and Paul Bryant who produced the video.”

A close second came Stroud Woodcraft Folk with a rap about our future. See other nominations below. See Stroud Life at:

Nominations for Stroud Community TV Awards 2012

SCTV-nominations-Best Local filmBest Local film

Beyond Goodbye:

Magnus and Granny – Granny on Holiday:

The Jacket:
An Uncertain Situation:
Letting Go:

SCTV-nominations-Best Local Business filmBest Local Business film
Stroud Brewery:
Winstones Ice Cream:
Painswick Rococo Gardens:
Hobbs House Bakery:
Kitchen Garden Preserves:

SCTV-nominations-Best Campaign filmBest Campaign film
Carols for the Bankers:
Gloucestershire Carers:
Dump the Big 6:
Save the Water Vole:
Children with Type 1 Diabetes and their families:

SCTV-nominations-Best Community project filmBest Community project film
Ark House:
StroudCo Food hub:
Community Kitchen project:
Stroud Woods:  
Jubilant Stories:
Transition Stroud’s Skills Gain:

SCTV-nominations-Best Community Event filmBest Community Event film
Randwick Wap:
Frocester Beer Festival:
Stroud Goodwill evening:
Stroud On Water:
Painswick Art Couture 2012:
Whiteshill and Ruscombe Village Party:

SCTV-nominations-Best Music filmBest Stroud Music film
Woodcraft Folk:
Ceilidh-Jo Rowe and Matthias Weston:
The Herons:
Battle for the Winds: Film removed
Tish Cafe:
Faye Davis:
Smith and Jones:

Our Judging team

Judges did not vote in any of the categories where they had film entries.

David Pearson, award-winning Arturi films, Oscar Shortlisted, BAFTA Nominated and winner of British Independent Film Award for feature film Mugabe and The White African:

Domonic White, Suscito Films,

Camilla Bassett-Smith, CSV Outreach Manager at BBC West and consultant on the BBC community gardening programme, ‘The Flowerpot Gang’; CSV creates opportunities for people to take an active part in the life of their community.

Seán Gleeson, TV Director and actor in Eastenders and Doctors.

David Watkins, Film Producer of Mr Wiggles:

Andy Freedman, Head of Cirencester College Media Department.

Jason Chare, Stroud Life Editor.

Chris Gardner, Stroud Theatre Company.

Peter Richardson, Director, Stroud Community TV.

SCTV is run not for profit by volunteers and is supported by Transition Stroud who are working to promote community resilience and a low carbon future.