Baby Led Weaning – 5 Important Tips for Beginners (6-12months)

Posted on 11. Nov, 2016 by in Featured, Food & Drink, Kids

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kitchen-punditKitchenpundit writes: Baby Led Weaning – 5 Important Tips for Beginners (6-12 months)

Baby led weaning is very close to my heart and very personal too. Baby led weaning is all about allowing the child to explore, feel and feed themselves. It provides the support to babies growing with healthy appetites. Also, babies develop fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and enjoy the process of eating. We loved the journey as it was fun and bringing the family together in the mealtime. Our approach was very relaxed and there were few occasions we fed him, like when he was very tired or ill.

In this video I discuss 5 important beginners tips about baby led weaning.

1.What is baby led weaning?
2.How do you know when they are ready?
3.What to give? Food and Challenge
4.Concerns about baby led weaning? Chocking and Poo
5.Why to be patience?

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