Badgers: everything about them plus to cull or not?

Posted on 23. May, 2012 by in Environment & Nature, Featured, Politics & Campaigns

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Lorraine of locally-based Waggle Woods talks to the Badger Scientist Dr Chris Cheeseman about the proposed badger cull and his view that vaccination is the way forward. See here for details of talks about badgers in Stroud on 25th May and the Green Party Coffee House Discussion on 2nd June 2012.

How to Watch Badgers:

Badger Adaptations:

Badgers in the Food Chain:

Badger Populations and Density:

What do Badgers Eat?

Badger Setts:

Dr Cheeseman: an introduction:

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  1. […] See badger scientist, Dr Chris Cheeseman talking with Wagglewoods TV about whether to cull or not (and a whole host of links to other videos about badgers): […]

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  2. Graham

    15. Jun, 2012

    He is talking about vaccine available in 5 years but it is already proven, accepted and in use by the Welsh Government, Badger trust, two councils, National Trust and Wildlife Trusts.
    What we are not doing is vaccinating cattle and getting them accepted in the EU.

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