Be Not Afraid To Die – Saskia Griffiths-Moore trio

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Stroud’s Saskia Griffiths-Moore writes:

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Be Not Afraid To Die was inspired by Saskia’s many visits to folk clubs around South England. The Saskia Griffiths-Moore trio arranges this song over the Bassoon (Tamsin Mains) and Flute (Ellie Mains).

Lyrics are:

Sweetly flies the bird, across a whirlwind sky. Bravely in the sky, and unafraid to die.
Slowly crawls the snail, eating as she goes. Leaving silver trails, carrying her home.

Happy swim the fish, schools of many swish.
Searching through the deep. Over water leap. Travelling as one.

Small the spider sits, upon my window sill. Weaving wonderful webs, catching what it will.
Children hold their hands, dig their toes in sand. Feeling wind on skin, finding warmth within.

Older grow the young, seeking what’s beyond.
And in their search can miss, the bird the snail and fish, the early morning sun.

So heed our simple birds, face amazing sky.
Don’t be fooled by words, be not afraid to die. Be not afraid to die.

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