Bellringing – Lowering the Back 8 at Painswick

Posted on 11. Apr, 2012 by in Community, History

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Like I said, the back 8 here sound GLORIOUS!! Pity the other 4 & the semitones ruin the ring… not to mention the acoustics… Tenor 25-2-19 in D.

Bellringer fans also see Erin Sextuples at Painswick:

Painswick go very well, but they are really inaudible, particularly extra treble and the middle bells!! When ringng the front 5 (front 4 & extra treble) down, they sounded AWFUL, note the 3 Whitechapel trebles!! The back 8 do sound GOOD though, see my other vid of them!! Ringing Erin Sextuples (Erin 13) with the extra treble to make the 13, it might sound like its going wrong, but thats the bells being inaudible!! They got through it as well!!!
Tenor 25-2-19 in D.

See film at:

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