A novel: Between the Regions of Kindness

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Local author Alice Jolly interviwed about her third novel. See more at: https://unbound.co.uk/books/between-the-regions-of-kindness

Synopsis: 1941. Coventry. The morning after one of the worst nights of the Blitz. Twenty two year old Rose enters a house that has been bombed and finds her best friend dead. Shocked and confused, she makes a decision which will affect her family for the next four generations. More than fifty years later, in modern day Brighton, Rose’s grand daughter Lara waits for the return of her eighteen year old son Jay. Reckless and idealistic, he has gone to Iraq to stand on a conflict line as an unarmed witness to peace. Lara holds her parents, Mollie and Rufus, partly responsible for Jay’s departure. But in her attempts to make them recognize the tragic nature of their marriage, she finds that all the assumptions she makes about her own life are called into question. Then into this damaged family come two strangers – Oliver, a former faith healer and Jemmy, a young woman who has lost a baby. And it is these two – and Jay himself – who finally bring about a strange and partial healing. Between The Regions Of Kindness is a book about the cost of peace, about the unlikely nature of redemption – and about what happens when someone decides to follow their conscience no matter what the cost.

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