Beyond Goodbye: very moving and inspiring film

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SCTVawards- Best Local film“BEYOND GOODBYE” is the winner of Best Local Film in the Stroud Community TV Awards 2012 – a a powerful  film by Jimmy Edmonds and Jane Harris remembering their son Josh, 23 years old, from Chalford, who worked for the Ministry of Sound in London and was killed in a motorbike accident in Vietnam in 2011. It has value for all those who are recently bereaved as well as anyone interested in healing power of creating a funeral ritual without recourse to conventional undertakers.”

Jimmy Edmonds, from Chalford Hill, said to Stroud Community TV: “Josh was 22 when he died in a road accident while traveling in SE Asia. That was two years ago. Since, then we have found ourselves responded to his loss and to our grief in a number of creative ways. Our first task was to record his funeral and make a film of the event. This is BEYOND GOODBYE and is hosted on our website of the same name. Josh’s mum  Jane and I are very honoured to receive this award … especially as it helps us to continue a conversation not only about Josh, about also about death and bereavement in general, a social taboo which we have at times found almost as difficult to accept as his death itself.”

Andy Freedman, Head of Cirencester College Media Department and a judge in this category said of the film: “Profoundly moving; unique, original and a significant piece of work. A range of skillful techniques used to create a extraordinarily affecting  film.”

pastedGraphicDavid Pearson of award-winning Arturi films and a judge for SCTV, said: “A brave and compelling account of something most people avoid discussing. It is everything good documentaries should be: revealing, effecting, moving and making the viewer see something from a different perspective.”

Philip Booth, a Director of Stroud Community TV commenting on the award said: “This is an extraordinary film documenting Josh’s funeral – and an example to all of us who might want to play a larger part in the grieving journey  – or as Funeral Director, James Showers, says in the film, ‘helping people to reclaim their farewell.”

Domonic White, of Suscito Films and a judge in the Awards, said: “Various films stand out in this years Stroud Community TV awards, especially in the category of ‘Best Local Film’. Two films particularly come to the fore in my view, namely ‘Beyond Goodbye’ and ‘Letting go’. They are very different in their styles and format but both are remarkable and will undoubtedly leave their audiences moved.”

Josh_BM_020-1024x678Second in the awards was the Eastenders and Doctors’ actor, Seán Gleeson’s film, ‘Letting Go’ – other nominations in this category can be found by scrolling down this page.

Jimmy Edmonds writes: “BEYOND GOODBYE” is a shorter version of our film “REMEMBERING JOSH” which records the life of our son Josh, as it was remembered at his funeral early in 2011. See other version at:

Listen also to Jane’s interview (Joshua’s mum) for BBC Radio Gloucester:

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4 Responses to “Beyond Goodbye: very moving and inspiring film”

  1. peter

    04. Feb, 2013

    What an amazing film – so intelligent, so compassionate, so open. Lots of personal resonances too… my older brother died in a motorbike accident not so long ago, and after his funeral we also thought ‘wow, that must be the most amazing funeral ever’. Funerals can be fantastic if you want them to be that way and are lucky enough to have the people around who can make them so.

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  2. philip

    13. Feb, 2013

    See blog on Beyond Goodbye website:

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  3. Anne Cooper

    14. Feb, 2013

    This is absolutely stunning, the compassion and bravery of the family is inspiring and is something I feel able to draw on in myself if I find myself in a similar situation (Heaven forbid). They have created support for anyone who watches this film.

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    • Jane (co producer of Beyond Goodbye)

      15. Feb, 2013

      Thanks for your comments and support. This is indeed our intention in making Beyond Goodbye and we hope it can provide support for anyone who has been bereaved as well as starting conversations about a subject surrounded in silence.

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