Bill Jones in Graveside Manner at Stroud Theatre Festival 2015

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Matt Archibald filmed Stroud’s Miserable Malcolm talking about a support group for melancholics.

See also Matt’s films from Stroud’s Theatre Festival 2015:

Hilarious nihilistic humour from Bill. Jones aka Miserable Malcolm talking about death and dying:

Bill Jones, performing as “Miserable Malcolm”at The Imperial Hotel, as part of the Stroud Theatre Festival 2015. Here he reads from the novel: Jack Rivers, Man of Action:

Stroud Theatre Company: “Spaniel In The Works” who are John Bassett and Katie Mcleod present Norse Tales as part of the third Stroud Theatre Festival, (hosted by John, himself). Norse Tales, retells Viking Myths (The Norse Gods: Odin,Thor, Freya, and Loki) by utilising puppets, rhyme, song, a silly squirrel called Rastasock (or something similar) in a ridiculous pantomime of a show tailored towards a younger audience, at The Lansdown Hall (formerly The SPACE);

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