Burning Times

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burning-timesNimue Brown writes: The Burning Times is an incredibly powerful song by Charlie Murphy. The original second verse is, however, a bit awkward in terms of historical accuracy. What I offer here is an alternative middle verse, because for me, the Burning Times is now. As we burn the fossil fuels, and the rainforests, and all life on Earth stands threatened by human activity.

More about Charlie Murphy here – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charlie…)

Original lyrics here – http://www.christymoore.com/lyrics/bu…

Alternative 2nd verse:

There are those who come to power through domination
They are bonded in their worship, to profit and to loss.
They seek control of the common people
With lies and with bribery and media machines
And the mad press on with mass extinctions
Tis a war against the wilderness, whose power they fear.
In this holocaust, against the nature people
How many more beings have to die?
And the tale is told of those who, by the thousands
Lose their lives to toxins in the land and sky and sea,
We may sing praises to the mother Goddess
In face of our betrayal
She is dying to be free.

Second verse and vocals Nimue Brown, harmony vocals Tom Brown.

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