How to prepare for business meeting

Posted on 04. Nov, 2016 by in Business, Featured

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kitchen-punditKitchen Pundit writes: How to prepare for business meeting – Crafting Business Life

Recently I have attended one business meeting and I posted very enthusiastically about the meeting with social media, few of my friends mentioned that they never enjoyed meeting. So I thought of sharing my meeting rituals and believe that it may help you to get maximum out of the meeting and also enjoy the meeting.

Top 5 Rituals for successful business meeting

Before Meeting

1.Look after you –
Sleep well, Regulate breath (I practice yoga), Fill the tummy, Dress to impress

2.Prepare –
Structure the content, Connect virtually, Know the person, Be on time

During meeting

3.Be authentic


After meeting

5.Nourish the relationship

Hope you enjoyed the ritual for preparing business meeting!

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