Buzzing In The Park

Posted on 31. Jul, 2014 by in Environment & Nature, Featured

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2 Responses to “Buzzing In The Park”

  1. Paula Coston

    01. Aug, 2014

    Love the footage!

    Did you know there are new trees planted at the edge of the park by, and in recognition of, women childless by circumstance? I planted some, with a dear friend and neighbour, this April. They helped to make up the collection of flowering cherries, rowans, maples and more at the beginning of the avenue of hundreds of tiny new oaks (some of which we also planted) – all done with the help of the wonderful Richard, from Stroud Valleys Project, who showed us how to plant them right! He has got permission from the Council to erect a plaque eventually, celebrating the many groups who helped in the planting.

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  2. philip

    01. Aug, 2014

    Thanks Paula – I hadn’t known that – v lovely – see interview with Paula at:

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