CAHOOTS – Official Teaser Trailer

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Trailer for this Stroud indie film Cahoots – features Time After Time plus Cas Greenfield’s music on the soundtrack. Feature film available to watch 2018.

Parental guidance is advised.

Two young screenwriters set out to find inspiration for their film noir picture when they find their research has gotten them them tangled in a criminal conspiracy. They’ll meet a femme-fatale who knows more than she lets on, private detectives haunted by the past, sinister criminals, and a bumbling hit-man. How far are the two young screenwriters willing to go to write the perfect movie? and how long will it be before they become a part of it?

The first feature film release of Seamless Creative Content. The film was written and directed by Joel Podolski and shot by Elliot Harrison.

“An independent film following wannabe screenwriters who find themselves caught in the crime world as they search for inspiration for their first movie”

Starring Daniel Holden and Caleb O’Brien as Ivan and Ted,
the film is hoping to be shown at film festivals in 2018.

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