Cotswold Canals – Ryeford – update February 2017

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Another great update from Cotswold canals: Stroudwater Navigation – February 2017.
maintenance and improvements at Ryeford: Completion of volunteer designed and constructed landing stages at the head and tail of Ryeford Double Lock will encourage greater use of the waterway in its current isolated state by canoeists and light craft. They provide an ideal place for launching a canoe and enabling portaging around the lock, with purpose built lower sections for canoeists.

A landing stage is also now in place for craft approaching Ryeford swing bridge. Crew of larger vessels and single handed boaters will be better able to disembark for lock operation, and to wait safely when either drawing or filling the lock, or when another craft is already using the lock. The causeway between mill leat and canal had become badly eroded by the river flow, and vital bank protection on the river (southern) side of the causeway is nearly complete. The canal side of the causeway was also in very poor condition, and has been consolidated. together with the edge reinforcements being backfilled with dredgings.
With paddles refurbished by volunteers on the mill leat, the level of the leat can be raised to provide additional water supply to the canal. To ensure the structural integrity of the narrow Ryeford wharf, it is being reinforced and protected by piling along its length. When completed, the coping stone edge will be refitted, leaving a slightly wider towpath, and a wharf “fit for purpose”, when visiting craft can enter the Cotswold Canals. The towpath along the causeway has been improved to a high standard, and is nearly completed.

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