Cas Greenfield’s Blue Remembered Hills (Live)

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A gentle song about the passage of time – recorded live before a small audience.

Blue Remembered Hills – words and music Casimir Greenfield (from the book Splinters & Sparks – available on Amazon)

Skim a brittle frozen lake
And dance into my heart again
Melt my mind with breaths of spring
And lead me to The May

When the nights are lighter
And when the days are lengthening
Bluster me with morning thrills,
Lead me to my Blue Remembered Hills

Fill my sky with untold stars
Breathe me into life again
Sketch my air with summer nights
And choose for me the way

Your magic hour at sunset
When reds and golds surprise
Roll my tongue with sugar pills
And lead me to my Blue Remembered Hills

Once we were callow young
With all our years before us
Ever two together as one
Now with our new found song aching to be sung
We’ll cast our dreams upon the Blue Blue Hills

So dance me through the Valentine
To where our love is sheltering
Shower me in blossom sparks
Of hawthorn’s scented day
’til sage Augustus clothes us
In frosted robes of silvery
When seasons move against our will
We’ll walk upon our Blue Remembered Hills
When seasons move against our will
On Blue Remembered Hills

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  1. Casimir Greenfield

    19. Feb, 2018

    ‘Blue Remembered Hills’ is available to download here:

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  2. pennyreid

    25. Feb, 2018

    Philip, thank you for your blog post.Really thank you! Awesome.

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  3. refluxmdguide

    27. Feb, 2018

    Philip, thanks so much for the post.Much thanks again. Really Cool.

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