Casimir Greenfield’s New York Broads Reimagined

Posted on 31. Aug, 2015 by in Featured, Music

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Stroud’s Casimir Greenfield‘s writes: New York Broads is a track from my 2012 album ‘A Twist Of Time’. This is a re-imagining from the purely acapella vocal tracks. The only sounds you hear are my voice. In the week after 911 I was at an American wedding in the UK. The one topic of conversation centred around the twin tower atrocities. Many of the guests had lost someone and behind those Gucci shades there were tears.

The video for New York Broads was shot by Sandra Ireland with an edit by David Ireland
New York Broads: words and music by Casimir Greenfield

I’m not given to premonition, but I had a strange recurring dream
Vertigo towers, adrenalin showers pouring all over me
And something about the subway snore, the buzz of the crowd, the traffic’s roar set a tingling in my tummy
That was close to butterflying
In the soaring paper chase of that blue sky day

And I hear crying
Crying on a blue sky day
Yes, I hear crying
Crying as the sky turned grey
And everywhere I look
Are ashes underfoot,
Ashes of the mourning fade away…

New York Broads are as tough as they come
Tough as they come
Tough as they come
Throwing their crumbs to Broadway Bums
Tough as they come
Tough as they come
Dishing the dirt, doing their sums,
Keeping their Josephs under their thumbs,
Cause New York Broads is a tough as they come
But today they’ll cry like babies…

In the future at a wedding in a far off foreign place
New York Broads in Gucci shades throw confetti, softly pace
And walk with sons who missed the ferry ‘cross the Hudson bay…

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2 Responses to “Casimir Greenfield’s New York Broads Reimagined”

  1. Casimir Greenfield

    31. Aug, 2015

    I’m always surprised to find my pieces here on Stroud Community TV. I thrive on experimentation and I slip these re-imaginings and their video footage onto my YouTube channel without expecting anyone to notice. But thank you for doing that, Philip and SCTV.

    My strange things may not be for everyone, but as an artist and at the age I am, I just have to do what comes from within and be grateful for my audience.

    An are of my work does follow some form of convention, so once the new album is out, you’ll hear songs that have form and rhyme and pulse and words.

    If you’d like to keep up with the outpourings, try Feel free to get in touch – feedback always welcome…

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  2. Philip

    01. Sep, 2015

    Love the experimenting and re-imaginings! Please keep them coming!

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