Abandoned Cemetery – left for 162 years!

Posted on 23. Mar, 2018 by in Environment & Nature, Featured

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Here’s a visit to Stroud’s cemetery with local vlogger Helen Hollywood – more info below – but also see the abadoned graveyard in Rodborough: https://youtu.be/8pmw8MO8_p0

Hi guys and welcome to my second exploration video! This is also a fairly short video, but still an interesting one. This cemetery last got used in 1855, it became to full and there was no longer any room for any more burials. Most of it is overgrown, and there are some really interesting gravestones and burial monuments, and there is a maintenance person who works for the church that helps to keep the grounds somewhat tidy but I love the rough, creepy and unloved look, it’s just so perfect! Please subscribe to see all my future adventures, more videos are on the way! ??? Subscribe to my other channel Helen Hollywood ?? Instagram @Helen_Hollywood Twitter @Hell_Hollywood PayPal.me/HelenHollywood if you’re feeling generous and want to help me out with my exploring adventures ??? Patreon page coming shortly! Come help me on Patreon guys, help me build my fan base and so I can make my explorations more epic! Www.patreon.com/HelenHollywoodExplores

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