Ciaran Lavery – Left For America

Posted on 27. Jul, 2015 by in Featured, Music

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Ciaran Lavery performing Left for America in The Convent Club chapel. Watch the whole show here:

And ‘Orphan’ from the same gig:

The Convent write: Ciaran has already racked up over 9 MILLION plays on Spotify, an unprecedented feat for such a new artist. Ciaran Lavery found his musical voice through the simplest of means “…listening to old 80s singles on my sister’s record player.” Cutting his young teeth in various (often noisier) incarnations over the last decade – that voice is now as soothing as it is timeless.

Ciaran crafts heart-on-sleeve acoustic pop in the vein of ‘29’-era Ryan Adams; full of passion and meaning, “I come from a tiny village; you could literally drive through Aghagallon in thirty seconds, but it’s jam packed full of characters and real, genuine people. It’s the type of place where if you’re being an idiot someone will tell you. That’s just how the environment was. I guess that sort of honesty comes out in my music.”

And here’s his website:

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