Voices at the Gloucestershire Climate March 2014

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SCTV-awards-2014- Best Campaign film2We are delighted to confirm this film was the winner of Best Campaign film in Stroud Community TV Awards 2014. See details at: https://stroudcommunity.tv/awards-2014/

In this film there are voices from people who were on the Glos Climate March on 21st September 2014. The march was part of an international protest that saw hundreds of thousands of people in over 2646 events in 156 countries take to the streets to call for action on climate change. Here in Stroud the march was organised by GlosCAN (see below their press release). More info at: http://www.gloscan.org.uk/

Take action: http://act.350.org/letter/ready-for-action/

Currently Songs of Change meets at 7.30 on Tuesdays at the hall next to Tesco Express in Paganhill. If anyone is interested in trying it, the first taster session is free, just turn up.  Details from: Sophie Sterckx (sophiegreatorex@hotmail.com) and there’s a facebook page about it here: https://www.facebook.com/SongsOfChangeStroud

Film and edit by Philip Booth

climate-march-poster-HEARTS-A4-finalMedia article about the Stroud Climate March event on 21st Sept.

As 310,000 people march in New York and huge rallies in London, the people of Gloucestershire had their own march in Stroud on Sunday 21st Sept joining 2,500 simultaneous marches worldwide.  People came from as far away as Worcestershire and Forest of Dean and others cycled in from Cheltenham to join the campaign in Stroud.  The organisers GlosCAN estimated that about 500 people attended. The community wanted to add their voice to persuade the UN and world leaders to sign up to a legally binding deal in next year’ s Climate Summit in Paris. “Given the failure to do this in Copenhagen in 2009 and scientists saying that we could have as little as 10 years to act, it is essential to achieve this international agreement next year” said Vaughan Webber of GlosCAN.  The UN general Secretary Ban Ki moon, who joined the New York march, put forward the same message earlier this month when he said  “Now is the time to act on climate change”.

Two years after Copenhagen, at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Durban Summit, the world’s governments all agreed to establish a new  binding deal comprising all countries by 2015 (The Paris Summit), which was to take effect in 2020.  The global community united in over 2000 events across the world to support, in advance, their leaders to stay true to this goal.  GlosCAN’s event in Stroud was one of those events and photo images on the day were sent and shown on screens outside Westminster and at New York.

Adrian Lawton a spokesperson from the event organisers GlosCAN said: “We’ve got to persuade our MPs to take a leadership role on the international level to persuade world leaders at the UNFCCC to make a legally binding agreement in 2015 – so we curb global warming and avoid reaching the tipping points which will happen after 2 0C temperature rise is reached.  If we reach such tipping points the human and ecological damage will be irreversible and no amount of retrospective action can undo the tipping points once reached,” he stressed.

Gloucestershire people who attended the event said they were very grateful for an enjoyable day and found the event an inspiration. Many participants said that this kind of unity of the people was “the way forward” and were delighted that so many people had attended in Stroud and globally. Many said we need to do this “for our children” and there was no shortage of young faces on the Climate March which required police to block off roads on the way up to the end point at Rodborough sports field. On reaching the field campaigners then made a large heart shape on the field which was the basis of the photograph sent to share amongst the other climate marches in capital cities on the day. Several local groups like Stroudco, Transition Stroud and Frack-Free- Five-Valleys also provided information on the day. Councillors across the county were invited to the event and Simon Pickering and David Drew joined the call for urgent action on climate change.

image001Fred Miller, of GlosCAN, said ” The march undertook a symbolic climb for climate, chanting ”Climate Change – We can Climb it!” The crowd really rose to the occasion and climbed up Rodborough Hill, with great gusto, colour, drumming and passion! ”

Arun Cappi of GlosCAN highlighted why we can’t just let the UNFCCC get on with it: “There is a danger of losing the legally binding deal – if we the people don’t give our MPs a mandate to take more of a leadership role on the international debating table.  If we don’t all pull together on this then all our local/national efforts are futile.  “Global leaders must stand strong in the face of opposition from business interests which want solely voluntary agreements and pledges. Such business-as-usual is failing to curb climate change, with current CO2 emissions being at a record high. Voluntary action alone will simply fail to curb global warming.”


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