Community R4C; updated animation with Kevin McCloud

Posted on 31. Mar, 2016 by in Business, Environment & Nature, Featured, Politics & Campaigns

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A short animation narrated by Kevin McCloud describing the proposed recycling plant for Gloucestershire. The plant will recover and recycle more than 90% of the Gloucestershire’s black bag waste instead of burning or burying it.

See more by clicking incinerator tag below and for more re Community R4C see:

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2 Responses to “Community R4C; updated animation with Kevin McCloud”

  1. Plume Plotter

    01. Apr, 2016

    Great animation, BUT it shows the incinerator emitting only CO2, going up vertically. In real life emissions don’t all go up! And CO2 is not the only thing emitted. There are also up to 286 tonnes of NOx, 71 tonnes of CO, 71 tonnes of SO2, and other (toxic) pollutants.

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  2. Philip

    01. Apr, 2016

    Thanks Plume Plotter – should have also linked to your film last year showing more of the impact of plume:

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