Cotswold Cine Club Archive – Evening Out Filming 1972

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Robert Paget writes:

Cotswold Cine Club was formed in 1964 by a group of enthusiastic amateur film makers living in the Stroud area. As membership grew, the fortnightly Thursday meetings moved from the Anchor Inn at Stonehouse to Erinoid Sports & Social Club between Lightpill and Dudbridge where there was a large hall and stage. This was ideal for projection to larger audiences and indoor filming events.
The Club welcomed families and young film makers.There were annual coach trips, several competitions and always lots of laughter. Instructional meetings were initially organized by Geoff Adams (who had already won the Daily Mail amateur film competition in the 1960s with the sound film “Molten Metal”), and included practical demonstrations of camera work, editing and various methods of adding synchronized sound to your film project. Cine film was expensive, so members were keen not to waste money and to improve their skills.

Each year there was a practical “evening out” filming.
Members were split into two groups and each planned a very simple two minute silent film (to be edited in camera only) at the previous meeting.
The location had to be close to the meeting room, and it needed to be high summer so that there would be sufficient daylight to be able to film on Kodachrome II which only had ASA (ISO) 25. ( normal filming speed for standard 8mm was 16fps, with each frame being exposed for 1/30 second. Only the best of the clockwork powered cameras, such as Canon or Bolex, could get up to speed for the first frame of a shot, thus producing a longer exposure or flash frame each time the camera started)

In 1972 the location was Selsley common.
Using a Standard 8mm camera, the first group had the first half of the film before it was turned over at the end of its 25 feet. If a group did not plan correctly they would run out of available film, but that would only make it more fun. It was sometimes difficult to work out what the other team were filming anyway!
The yellow film envelope was posted to Kodak at Hemel Hempstead that evening, and it would be back ready for projection at the next meeting…

“BLOGGS BOTTLE OPENERS” takes place with a weary Malcolm Jones climbing Selsley Hill.

“THE SUPER SMELL MILEAGE TEST” parodies the TV adverts for Super Shell petrol and the potential to improve mpg.
The remainder of film on the reel (which had to be run completely through before removing from camera) follows members leaving for home.

Camera: Canon standard 8mm
location: Selsley, Stroud, Glos.

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