Creating Change; a talk by Richard Wilson

Posted on 15. Nov, 2014 by in Business, Environment & Nature, Featured

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Anti Hero – How to Create Change in an Unpredicatable World.
A talk by Richard Wilson.

We think the current political system forces us to work in opposition to each other as allies and enemies… Is this really the most efficient way? We want to work towards a new system that encourages openness, discussion and informed choices on every issue, between all people. And it all starts in Stroud.



MyStroud MP is for anyone who wants to see a better politics in Stroud.

We are launching a campaign to create a People Power MP for the Stroud constituency who always puts people before party. If we do this we will create Britain’s first people power MP.

Using the best online technologies and community organising techniques we want to make a new kind of politics right here in Stroud. At the heart of this will be an online platform where the MP will take all their instructions from – by the people, for the people. If it can work anywhere, it can work here.

This new politics will be positive, non-tribal and always put the people before the party – because there is no party. It’s about us, the people of Stroud coming together to show that we can do things differently. And better.

Richard Wilson has come forward to be the candidate. He’s been trying to bring power to the people for the last 15 years, as part of his work see him explain why he thinks we need to this here:

If we do this MyStroudMP will be the world’s first truly democratic national politician. We’re doing this for Stroud, but we’re also doing this to inspire others a new politics, where we all have real power. This is possible now – but we need your help.

We’ve got some of the leading experts making sure we get everything right, but what we don’t have is enough people who are part of the movement, who will help shape our idea. We want everyone involved.

So even if this idea just gets you curious, please get in touch. We’d love to talk to you!

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