‘Cut 2 on fold at Hidcotte 1’

Posted on 05. Oct, 2012 by in Arts, Featured

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Martin Smith writes: “The video clip is of the first dance I saw at Hidcotte. Studio Seven explains studio-seven.net

CUT 2 ON FOLD is a multi-faceted textile-led project running throughout 2009, including an interactive installation, a contemporary dance piece, and a wide-ranging educational programme. The project explores the process of making a garment – the journey from flat pattern to calico toile to finished piece, and finally to the movement created by the wearer. Garments created during a 3-week interactive installation at the Stroud International Textile Festival become the costumes for the dance piece; the dancers in turn inhabit the world of the installation – responding to the themes of making and the inspiring garden settings. For CUT 2 ON FOLD, Studio Seven are once again collaborating with choreographer Marie-Louise Flexen, composers Steve Skinley and Rick Morton (Familiars), and professional dancers from across the region.

The Studio Seven textiles artists – Jenny Bicat, Sarah Cant, Kathryn Clarke, Sarah Pearson Cooke, Corinne Hockley, Liz Lippiatt, and Anne Rogers.”

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