Help protect Daneway Banks – home of the large blue butterfly

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2015 Nominations-Best Campaign filmWe are delighted to note that this film has been nominated by the public as one of the best Stroud Campaign films of 2015. See more at:

Update 9th March 2016 – site secured – success!

Great film from Glos Wildlife Trust. They write: We must raise £50,000 before May 2015 to secure one of Gloucestershire’s most important habitats and safeguard a future for the large blue butterfly.

This site offers the perfect conditions for the exquisite large blue butterfly. In 1979 the large blue was declared extinct in the UK, but in the 1980’s & 90’s the Large Blue project reintroduced large blue larvae and eggs to just a few sites in the country. One of these sites being Daneway Banks.

The large blue butterfly isn’t just a stunning sight, there’s an inspiring story behind it’s survival too. The species relies on an extremely rare balance of natural conditions to survive. 2014 was our best ever year for the large blue butterfly. With over 2,000 flying in June, it was the largest ever population at Daneway Banks.

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See also Ellie, who lives near Stroud, being appointed new President of Glos Wildlife Trust: and

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