Davy and Kirstin McGuire: amazing video artists

Posted on 07. May, 2012 by in Arts, Featured

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This is from the amazing Bristol-based artists Davy and Kirstin McGuire who were at the Goods Shed on Carnival Day in Stroud on 28th April 2012. See video of procession and highlights of events: https://stroudcommunity.tv/carnival-day-at-goods-shed-site-festival-2012/

“Peepboardpleasure is a peep-board with a twist – poke your head through the peephole and watch as the illustrations around you come to life. Moving images magically envelop you in a world where you become a dancing flapper, a roaring lion or an overweight taxi driver. Peepbardpleasure is a looping installation that anyone can play with – a mischievous mix of projection mapping, dance, film, object, animation and a lot of fun!”

See more about the artists at: http://www.davymcguire.tv/

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  2. Philip

    08. May, 2012

    See dog dancing:

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