Can you help ‘Dead Babies and Seaside Towns’?

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AliceJStroud’s Alice Jolly is a novelist, playwright and teacher of creative writing. In this film you hear excerpts from the film and hear some of this story about stillbirths, surrogacy and so much more. See update November 2014 below.

Alice writes: “How far would you go in order to have a baby? Is surrogacy morally acceptable? If you need a surrogate and an egg donor how do you find them? Can you bring a surrogate baby from America into the UK legally? Ten years ago I had never considered any of these questions – but when our second child was stillborn and all our attempts to have another baby were failing, we started to consider every possible option, no matter how unorthodox. My memoir – Dead Babies and Seaside Towns – is the story of that period of our lives and of our relationship with two extraordinary American women who offered to make the impossible possible.”

Can you help fund this project where Alice’s profits will go to SANDS (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity)?

25th November Alice Jolly writes: Over the last three months I have received pledges worth over £10,000 towards the publication of my book which is over 75% of what I need.  An amazing 262 people have signed up and will have their names in the back of the book. A couple of weeks ago I was awarded the V.S. Pritchett Memorial Prize from the Royal Society of Literature and that is really going to help with the publicity / marketing of the book once it is produced (in autumn 2015).

Details are here:

Much more importantly, a BBC Panorama Programme has suddenly pushed stillbirth reduction up the political agenda and a strong movement is now growing to make some small changes which it is believed could reduce stillbirths in the UK by up to 50%.  (And let’s not forget just how unacceptably high the level of stillbirths is – in a recent study the UK was ranked 33 out of 35 in a study of similar income countries).    So this is an important time for my book to be published and to be raising money for SANDS.  As you know, 50% of the cover price will go to SANDS once the subscriptions are raised.

Do please sign up to help me reach 100% by Christmas.

The link is here:

Article in the Independent about the book:

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