Landing Stage Construction – Double Lock – Ryeford 2015

Posted on 25. Oct, 2015 by in Environment & Nature, Featured

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Film of Double Lock, Ryeford, Stroudwater Navigation by Cotswold Canals.  They write: Construction of a landing stage above the staircase lock at Ryeford began in August 2015, and to the surprise of volunteers working on finishing touches to the structure, was first used by canoeists on 10th September 2015. The Ryeford pound stretches to the bottom of Dudbridge lock, and is now deliberately held below the original design level, and makes access to and from small craft more difficult at this point. It renders the two circular side weirs in Ebley redundant, but allows for fluctuations in river water level from the Slad brook and the Painswick stream which are now directed down the canal route from Stroud, and then discharge into the river Frome east of Ebley Mill, where flood gates prevent extremes of level fluctuation reaching Double lock.  New mooring bollards, safety decking, recycled motorway crash barrier and generously donated weed barrier matting – assembled by volunteers to make this waterway a pleasure to use.

There is no road access to this site, with CCT volunteers transporting all heavy equipment and aggregates by 60 ton barge and propelled by the Tug Goliath. Once completed, the volunteer crews moved equipment to below the staircase lock, to start work on an even more ambitious landing stage and retaining wall.

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