Dustmites live at Rose Fest 2012

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Stroud’s very own “Dustmites”,  Mac, Rich, Adam and Mike, previously known as “The Things” back in the day…..performing live at The Rose and Crown’s “Rose Fest” in Paganhill, on the Jubilee weekend, a genre known as “psychedelic rock”, here playing a cover of “Riders on The Storm, during a down pour.

More from Dustmites at the Rose Fest:

Dustmites on good form with a view at one point of how empty the car park was due to rain: http://youtu.be/c1DLaNN1xHY

Covering The Doors ‘Come on Baby Light My Fire’ sadly with some technical difficulties: http://youtu.be/GBhzRXsVTpw

Performing their rendition of “Cold Turkey”, as well as an original song: “Stop Bugging Me”, and a cover of The Doors: “Break On Through”, (when trouble with the power generator puts a temporary halt to proceedings): http://youtu.be/hI1ya2EW9_Q

A cover of Mr. Brightside by Killers and Superstar by the Carpenters live at “Rose Fest” 2012 until the generator cuts out, again!  http://youtu.be/BvmaGGt8BQU

Playing until a generator failure: http://youtu.be/7q2VRiSdPV4

See Dustmites MySpace including another video at: http://www.myspace.com/dustmitesuk

See more from Rose Fest at: https://stroudcommunity.tv/jeremy-blick-live-at-the-rose-fest-2011/

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