Edward Jenner’s ‘Variolation’ by Berkeley Primary School

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Filmed by children from Berkeley Primary School in Gloucestershire as part of the Edward Jenner Museum’s Science Communicator programme. Inspired by the story of Edward Jenner’s childhood immunisation from smallpox in Berkeley.

Edward Anthony Jenner (17th May 1749 – 26th January 1823)  is widely credited as the pioneer of smallpox vaccine, and is sometimes referred to as the “Father of Immunology”; his works have been said to have “saved more lives than the work of any other man”. The great strides in the sciences during Jenner’s time were spurred on by the discussion and publication that took place in learned societies at national and local level. Edward Jenner took part in two local medical discussion groups. One met at the Fleece Inn at Rodborough (Stroud) from 1770; the other used the Ship Inn at Alveston from 1780.

See details of the museum in Berkeley: http://www.jennermuseum.com/

See also Dailymotion video at: https://stroudcommunity.tv/edward-anthony-jenner-father-of-immunology/

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