Trailer for Elephant Conservation film

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Trailer for Elephant Conservation film by Stroud-area based Domonic White plus Shared Universe Foundation UK.

 This 90 second trailer provides a glimpse into what it takes to relocate 7 elephants onto a nature reserve at the northern tip of South Africa. The film was made by local naturalist and producer Domonic White as part of his support for Stroud based charity – Shared Universe Foundation (SUF).

SUF is a UK registered charity whose purpose is to prevent the extinction of endangered animals by securing and re-wilding their habitats. The charity coordinate both adult and youth volunteer programmes for those wishing to go to Africa to gain experience in conservation, and make a tangible difference through hands on work. They also run ‘elephant days’ for local primary schools which include a VR experience showing the elephant relocation process, and a skype session with rangers in South Africa.

It’s estimated that 100 elephants are poached every day (approximately 1 every 15 mins), and that rhino could be extinct in less than 15 years. Furthermore there are less than 7000 cheetah left in the world and even animals such as Giraffe are appearing on some endangered species list in recent years. The alarming rate at which mass extinction is looming can be hard to comprehend, so prompt and decisive action needs to be taken immediately. Shared Universe give people that opportunity to act now.

Please contact Shared Universe on if you’d like to help or know more about any of the opportunities to get involved.

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