Fairtrade fortnight 2016 – Chia Coffee Porridge

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Most of the Current generation in my grandma’s village have moved into different careers including our family due to the difficulties we faced earning an every day livelihood and there is much evidence to support this fact by farmers suicides in India. Its not just my personal experience about farmers struggling, there are millions around the world are like that. I feel its my responsibility to support Fairtrade as they support the farmers through trade rather than aid.The farming community should be respected and they deserve a better lifestyle. So I am calling on you all to join with me to support Fairtrade fortnight 2016 breakfast campaign by using Fairtrade ingredients such as fairtrade bananas,fairtrade coffee,fairtrade honey etc…to make your breakfast,“Sit down for breakfast standup for farmers!” #YouEatTheyEat

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#Chia #Coffee #Porridge

Chia seeds-1/4 cup
Almond milk-300ml ( you could use your own choice of milk)
Fairtrade honey  -1 table spoon (add more if you desire )
Fairtrade Coffee -1 table spoon ( add more if you desire)

Top up the porridge with….
Fairtrade Bananas
Fairtrade dark chocolate
Place the chia seeds in a bowl and add almond milk. Then leave it aside for 5-10 min until the chia seeds become bit lumpy. To brew fresh coffee,add hot water then leave for few minutes.
Strain the coffee and add to the porridge. Add the honey, stir and leave the mixture for 15-30 min to infuse the coffee flavour.

Serve the porridge topped with chopped fairtrade bananas & dark chocolate. Walnuts and mulberries are optional but brings more texture to the porridge.

Go dark to be fair! Coffee & Honey Fairtrade face mask.
In a bowl add 1tsp of coffee and 1tsp of honey then mix well. Apply to the face and neck in circular motion. Leave for 15 min and rinse off.

The aroma, ,the antioxidants of the coffee and the antibacterial, moisturising benefits of honey will give you clear, exfoliated, smooth skin.

Enjoy the nutritionally enriched simple yet elegant raw vegan Chia coffee porridge to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight Campaign #YouEatTheyEat

The milky dress I wore for this video is made out of milk fibre from Indian Ethical & Organic brand called Bhusattva.


Disclosure: Parental consent received for Madison to appear in the video.


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