Fracking: Jojo at Downing Street with Gayzer Frackman

Posted on 04. May, 2016 by in Environment & Nature, Featured, Politics & Campaigns

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Stroud’s Jojo Mehta delivering the Medact report on fracking to Downing Street. 24 UK News writes: MPs sent formal warnings about fracking and their duty of care. That means not doing any harm. Environmental campaigners have hand-delivered warnings to every UK MP pointing out that they could be in breach of their code of conduct by supporting fracking. The MPs’ Code of Conduct says: ‘Members have a general duty to act in the interests of the nation as a whole; and a special duty to their constituents. Holders of public office should take decisions solely in terms of the public interest.’

“Personally-addressed copies of the notice were delivered to the House of Commons mail room for 649 MPs. The group also visited Downing Street to serve a legal notice on the Prime Minister. So far, no attempt has been made to assess the health and environmental impact of fracking at an industrial scale in the UK. The risks and impact of multiple wellpads with up to sixty boreholes need to be modelled and examined. So each notice to each MP was accompanied by a copy of a report by the charity Medact on the health impacts of fracking.” See more from them here.

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