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Posted on 30. Aug, 2013 by in Business, Community, Featured, Youth

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A new support project started by a Stroud business entrepreneur was launched this month to give all young people in the area the chance to do well, irrespective of their beginnings. The project is called  Free To Succeed and offers 1000 chances to ambitious young people aged 14-24.
“In a fair society everybody has the right to succeed. Ability, effort and ambition should count, not the school you went to, your parents’ jobs, who you know or where you live.  No one should be prevented from fulfilling their potential by the circumstances of their birth, but income and social class of parents continue to have a huge bearing on a child’s chances,” explains Chris Davis, the project’s founder.
“At the moment it is incredibly difficult to improve your place in society, especially when you come from a challenging personal or social background. How free people are to improve their position in society is known as social mobility and it’s not something many young people know anything about unless they are directly affected by it.”

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  1. Chris

    30. Aug, 2013

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