Funnily Enough – A recovery from ME / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Frampton Mansell resedent Sophie Neville writes about her book ‘Funnily Enough’:

From the glamorous world of television production, working on some of the BBC’s hottest soap operas, dramas, and educational programmes – Sophie is torn between her love of Africa, and returning to England for the sake of her career. But when she falls ill on the set of a show she is directing, she is forced to take to her bed, and over the next ten months, to take stock of her life.

It sounds like a novel. But it isn’t.

Diagnosed in 1991 with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Sophie’s doctor at the BBC prescribes an extraordinary treatment: write a diary. So, armed with her watercolours, and with the support of her family, friends, dogs and otters in rural Gloucestershire, she sets out on a spiritual journey which is at times funny, poignant and uplifting.

“…all plaudits to you for trying to describe and find humour in your darkest hour.” Clare Francis, Author

Book trailer for illustrated memoir, available on Amazon and other online outlets.

Funnily Enough – the blog:

A quirky and inspiring story with themes that include working in television and fashion with country life and animals – particularly dogs and otters. It also says something about trust. While it starts and finishes in Africa, Sophie’s tale is set in Gloucestershire with forays to London, Scotland and the Lake District. Although facing various conundrums she never loses the support of her friends and realises her dreams despite the odds.

Sophie Neville became inadvertently well known as a child when she starred as Titty in the 1974 feature film of Arthur Ransome’s book Swallows and Amazons.

After that sunshiny time she went on to work for the BBC behind the camera on television programmes such as Gerald Durrell’s My Family and Other Animals, Doctor Who and Eastenders. Having produced her own Inset series for BBC2 she was busy directing her second drama serial for children when she conked out, going down with a mystery illness.

Sophie now lives on the south coast of England with her husband and enjoys trying to grow plants with pink flowers. Every year she disappears for a while to ride in different parts of the world and has also been known to go sailing, but only when the sun shines.

Illustrated hardcover now available here:

Illustrated paperback here:

Also available as colour illustrated Kindle eBook, and standard eBook for Sony/Nook on Smashwords.

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And Sophie in Swallows and Amazons:

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