Get involved

What you see on this site is the work and creativity of people like you. We always need help, and we always love ideas, so if you think you know how we might improve Stroud TV, have ideas for things we should do, or can actually muck in, please get in touch.

Do more than watch

The more that people watch us, the more people that watch us, the better we work. We want you to watch the films we find, but also talk about them, and tell other people:

  • Like us on Facebook @StroudCommunityTV
  • Follow us on Twitter @StroudTV
  • Basically talk about us on social media #StroudTV – in fact talk about our films everywhere, and say where you saw them.
  • Comment on them, and rate them, here on-site.
  • Read our newsletter, get other people to read it, too. Read some old ones if you want to know what they’re like.
  • Pin up our poster.

Help us reach the people of Stroud.

Help us grow

Films and ideas, that’s what we want. If you see a film you think we should share that we haven’t already, tell us.

If you make films, tell us you’ve made them. Show us where you’ve put them, so that we can help you share. If you have a film you want to make, but don’t know where to begin, message our community through our Twitter and Facebook pages, or write to us direct. We know a lot of lovely and talented people.

If you have a favourite film in our archive that you think is neglected, tell us. We feature an old film in each of our newsletters that people just joining us might never have seen before and shouldn’t miss. We’d love to run your picks.

Or if you just have an idea, get in touch. You might be the one who inspires us into a whole new direction … or at least knows how to solve that problem we’ve never been able to fix.

Join the team

Films, ideas, and people.

We can only do what we know how to do, and we can only do what we have the time for. The more people that get involved, the more skills and experience we can call on, the more time we can spend building Stroud Community TV.

It doesn’t matter what your skills are, it doesn’t matter how little time you have, if you’re local, if you like what we do and share our values, then please get in touch, we might have something we need you to do, or you might be the person who enables us to do something new.

That other thing

Films, ideas, people, and money, as Terry Gilliam might once have prompted, had Cardinal Fang any lines.

Stroud Community TV is a free and not-for-profit operation. All of our income comes from our supporters, and we’d like that to include you. If you like what we do, would like to help us continue doing it, and can spare the cash, please donate whatever you can afford. We won’t spend it on biscuits, not often.

It doesn’t take much to run SCTV, but we do have bills, and anything you can do to help us pay them is brilliant.