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Posted on 03. Aug, 2015 by in Community, Featured, Health

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JoshHelp fund this project by Stroud’s Jimmy Edmonds and Jane Harris at:

The project authors write: In a culture where grief dare not speak its name, many bereaved parents often find themselves isolated from family and friends. This doesn’t have to be so but our society needs to be more comfortable and accepting of the needs of the bereaved while the bereaved themselves need to feel that the emotional turmoil they experience is both valid and survivable.  On the one hand the bereaved are expected to “get over it’ as soon as possible, yet on the other they find it almost impossible to continue in life without inventing news ways to remember their child. At least that is our experience. Whether you ‘move on’ or continue to hold your child close to your heart, there seems to be no end of information and advice out there about the best way to grieve.  But as one contributor in our film SAY THEIR NAME  wisely observed “grief is about love.  And no one can tell you what you need to do because it is about love and it’s about your unique relationship with that person who’s died and only you can possibly find the right symbols or metaphors or things that express that. No-one can lecture you, you can’t read a book that tells you.  It comes from within that stuff …”

Good Grief is about discovering some of that stuff that comes from within.

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